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Thread: fun with a "muscle car"

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    fun with a "muscle car"

    Yesterday I was passed by pontiac Firebird WS6, which is a 325 hp american "MuscleCar" , while on the telephone. I told the caller that I had to go. So I got off the phone and wanted to play with this black firebird to see what it could do.
    I came up behind him at about 95 so I had to slow to about 80 which is about what he was driving. He then procceded to excelerate I could hear his downshifts but that did not phase the RS6. When I floored it I was on top of him and had to let off so I did not run over him it was loads of fun. Probably not for him getting attacked by a four door .
    I love this car...
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    it was loads of fun. Probably not for him getting attacked by a four door
    Especially by a four door family sedan! LOL Makes me want to go out for a drive - in the warm weather. It's a mere -11 degrees F here (-24 C by my estimates), with windchill of -35 F (-37 C). UGH!!!


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