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Thread: Have a Valentine 1, think I will go this route

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    Have a Valentine 1, think I will go this route

    So for those of you who have a more integrated solution such as a remote behind the grille, or any other such fanciness, or an integrated inside the mirror setup which I have also seen posted, my hats are off to you. I just don't have the expertise to do that personally, nor the talent in this area to have it custom made for me.

    I have had a standard mirror/suction cup arrangement with the coiled cord to the cig lighter for my V1.

    I came across this company for a better mounting solution for the V1, and got an email that they had finished fabricating the adapter that they believe is specific to hard mount to our mirror. Anyone else seen or used this?

    I also see that they offer a cord that they say will tap into the power mirror that we have. That will be nice if it could work; I will have to look at the mirror more closely to see howto access a hot wire and ground. I doubt I will be so lucky as to find that they are just waiting to be used.
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    i have a passport so its a little different, i used the passport smart wire kit, i saw that little cord your talking about, didn't wanna go that route cause i didn't wanna take apart the mirror or anything up there.

    this is what i used for mine

    this is about the same for yours btw you can find them on ebay for cheap

    and this is the mirror mount for a better price.

    like i said i have a passport so a little different but i had the same idea as you lol.

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