This is the Forum section for buying, selling and trading cars and parts related to the Forum.

Please use common sense!

If you want to sell, please start your thread title with "FS:"

If you want to buy, please start your thread title with "WTB:"

Please also state where the car / parts are located. People from around the World frequent the forum.

and so on.

Don't "up" your thread more than you have to.

Don't "destroy" other people's threads, with useless comments like "I don't like the color", or "that will never sell".

Treat others like you want to be treated!

When you have sold an item, please write so in the thread. takes no responsibility for any of the contents.

Again, use common sense, don't send money to people you don't know/trust etc.

If you suspect something wrong is going on, please alert us!