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Thread: DIC Cluster brightness (NOT dead lines issue)

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    Mech DIC Cluster brightness (NOT dead lines issue)

    Noticed some folks saying they were having problems with their DIC Cluster fading out, and it threw me back to having the same issue with the HUD on my old Grand Prix. I checked the cluster on my RS, and while it was fading on the top quarter, none of my lines were dead. I got it sorted very simply by turning the interior light selector all the way down and back up again a couple of times. YMMV, but my cluster displays perfectly now, zero cost to me but 2 minutes of my time.

    Hope this helps some of you, I know it's not a fix for dead lines (nothing short of at least re-soldering is gonna fix that issue), but I'm glad it saved me a couple hundred bucks and not being able to drive the RS for a couple days

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    Yeah I have the fading DIS issue (no lines) at the top of the display, worse on hot days, better on cold days. I've read it can be the ribbon not contacting the circuit board well over time. I haven't taken on the steps documented here which seems to have helped for some: yet, but plan to soon. Mine's not to bad most of the time, just when it's really hot. I'll certainly try turning the lights down and up a few times, sounds bit easier.

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    I just had mine replaced by module masters. They told me it was a problem with the substrate they used to make the LCD but I don't know if that is true. $150 it is a cheap repair considering how much everything else costs on the car.
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