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Thread: Vehicle speed sensor replacement

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    Question Vehicle speed sensor replacement

    So the speed sensor spent bad in my RS6 speedo stopped working. I got a new one. Asked my buddy at dealer says the book calls for 1/2 hr time. I spend an hr trying to get the old one out. I can unclip the sensor and pop it loose but it will only slide halfway out as it hits the turbo compressor outlet. Is my turbo clocked wrong? Am I missing something here? Please help!
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    Hello, I know it's an old thread, but did you manage to get it out ?

    If yes, how ?

    I just spent a few hours trying to get it out as well, but same result as you, turbo is on the way.

    The only way I thought of is to take the final cover of the drive shaft out (part number), and turn it a bit so that it'll allow for the sensor to get out ...

    Thank you.

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