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Thread: Audi mechanic in the L.A, preferably westside

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    Audi mechanic in the L.A, preferably westside

    Anyone know of a good and reliable Audi mechanic in the West L.A./Santa Monica area? Someone with RS6 knowledge.

    There is always the dealer - which is Santa Monica Audi which according to Yelp (FWIW) - doesn't have a stellar reputation.

    Anyone have any experience with them?

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    Been using them for 22 years. They were formerly Beverly Hills Audi and took over from Steve Taub (who was convicted of fraudulent practices) a few years ago. I have been to every major Audi service dept during the DRC debacle and none were anywhere near as informed as these guys. If you use them, ask for Tim Bennett the service manager. If he is off that day, wait until he is there. Use him only..Their RS6 tech Brian has been there for 22 years and recently came in 3rd in the world in the Audi Best Tech competition .. Only use these two guys.. They know our cars..Tell Tim Paul M sent you..

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    Are these the ones recommending swapping the temp sensor and not finding the fix? Whatever happened with that? Hope it got sorted and always thanks for offering to checkout the car down there before I bought mine. A great Indy mechanic can make a world of difference, although Audi won't warranty work which can be bad.
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    Here's my 2 cents: Jose Devila, owner/operator at Euro-tech-motors, located just west of the 405 on Washington. He is a master Audi/Porsche/VW technician, who is highly recognized as one of the best in all of North America by Audi AG. I've taken the RS6 their twice, first: a simple tune/oil change, second: both exhaust temp sensors, both motor mounts, and a minor sunroof rattle. Have to pull the motor. BIG JOB right? When it was all said and done (5 Days) the bill was 4173.21, which Jose convinced the warranty company to pick-up 100% of it. So I walked out of their without spending a penny, also they washed the beast and it has been perfect ever since. Jose also gives a Warranty of 12 mos. or 12K miles. Having owned upwards of fifty some cars, and having restored a few of them, I've seen my share of mechanics, and Jose is one of the best ethically and professionally. Nuff said.

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