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    I've had my RS6 for 9 days now. I'd heard it was chipped (but the dealer couldn't provide any more info). How could I find out? Reason I ask is that the car feels very fast. Raced some kind of Ferrari tonight - up to around 80. I couldn't tell what kind of Ferrari it was - except it was front-engined. And fairly current. (looked 599-ish). It (the Ferrari) was awfully loud. He was in front of me at a light and he jammed on it - and I figured let's see how well my new car does. The moment the boost came on - he was no longer pulling away (or if he was, it was imperceptably slow.) I was not embarrassed. Wish I could have seen his face as he must have noticed the car behind him was hanging tight - and then saw a black 4 door sedan go past when he slowed to make his turn.

    Damn - this car is quick!

    I have a 1999 Boxster with a 996 engine - and this feels much faster. Maybe it was chipped. Do they all have a noticeable rumble at idle? Has that "glasspack" sound at idle. Let a friend of mine drive it - he has a SBC hot rod - and when he started up the RS6 - his eyes lit up. As he drove away - I could hear him laughing.

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    Sorta funny thread. A 599 will wax an rs6 regardless of tune. If it was a 599, he wasn't trying. These beasts can keep up with other ferrari's though. Especially when tuned.

    The ECU is under the plastic cowl shield. Drivers side. Crack it open and see if there is something soldered in there. However, most tunes are not soldering a chip on anymore. They flash the ECU thought the OBDII port.

    The real way to check is to data log block 115 and look for boost over 1600mbar. If its in the 1700-2000 range under load, it's tuned.

    It has a rumble yes. There's a twin turbo V8 in there that is 30k+ to replace if you go through audi.
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    Have you though about taking it to a dyno? that might do the trick, plus you could see how much of that power is getting to the wheels.

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