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Thread: Another coolant leak thread

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    Another coolant leak thread

    My engine light came on the other day and I scanned the codes. P0171 and P0174. Did a quick search and found my system is running too lean and the common problem is vacuum hose leaks.

    Well I took it to the stealership and sure enough they told me I had a vacuum hose leak under the intake manifold and that they need to take the front bumper off and loosen the core support to fix it.

    They also found I have a coolant leak from the right side intercooler.

    This is pretty much all I know at the moment but would really appreciate some help on fixing this without going through the dealers. What are some good replacements for hoses?


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    Remove both the secondary radiators behind the intercoolers, been working fine for me, and others in a cooler climate. Maybe don't do if you live in the desert...

    It was $400 in labor with a bumper pull to have them pulled and the hoses connected to each other, but prevented future leaking and saved the cost of replacing them.

    You can find some of my posts from when I dealt with the issue, good luck there!
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