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I've been using the Odyssey in my RS6 for about 3 years now and in my street/track 911 for about the same. Before I purchased a couple of the Battery Tender Juniors I had to jump start my 911 a couple of times. I guess I may have broken a rule that I didn't know of, Ooops. Me and the battery are still going fine but I may check Odyssey's website to be sure. As I mentioned in the other threads the 925T is fine for the RS6 but it doesn't have as much reserve capacity of the stock battery but cranks just fine. Since it doesn't have the reserve capacity and I sometimes let my RS6 for up to two weeks or so when I travel I leave it on the battery tender junior to keep it fully charged and ready to go when I get back. Without a parasitic drain the Odyssey batteries have a long shelf life with a charge but you would have to disconnect your battery to keep that charge.
This is the key: It doesn't have the reserve capacity. It "officially" is not good to jump these batteries, but it obviously worked in your case.