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Thread: question about used BMW M6

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    question about used BMW M6

    My friend is considering a second hand M6 which was shipped to HK from UK. I wonder if I can check on the owner history of the car on any UK site with the chassis number? Anybody know of such a site? Or even its service history?

    The reason that we want to know is because we are wondering why the car was shipped to HK instead of being sold in HK. The car was manufactured in 05 and current mileage is 20,000 miles. The dealer claimed that there was only one owner, but the service history was only upto Nov 07. No more record from then on.

    What do you guys think? My friend really likes the car but worried that he could be making a big mistake......

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    Hello Tony,

    Unfortunately, I do not believe their is any fool proof way to know for sure. Here in the US, we have "CarFax" which claims to tell you "everything" about a car. But I have proved this to be a non true statement. I bought my wife a used Mercedes which CarFax said was clean (and after we inspected it at our family shop, it passed) but later she was involved in an accident. A pretty fair one I might add (@ $5K). There was no injury report filed as both parties were ok. Then, a lady pulling out of her driveway went over the curb and into my wife's Merc two years later! Again it had to get repaired.

    Long story short, we then decided to recheck CarFax to see how bad it labeled our car... drumroll... nothing! Two accidents under our possession and nothing!

    Bottom line, I am not so sure any sight out there is 100%. Sorry I could not be of more help but very best of luck for you and your friend.

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    Agree with Ben, probably no best way to find out everything about the car during the two years it's missing the service history. Personally, unless the dealer has some sufficient information to prove that the car has been well serviced and maintained during the time from Dec '07 - present, I would not consider the car at all. It's regular news to read about some used cars imported to HK which may have had problems (flood / fire damage, serious accident, etc.). Your friend should just move on to find another M6 available and not regret it.

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