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Thread: Just did rear brakes on my RS6... one of the easiest DIY's ever!

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    Just did rear brakes on my RS6... one of the easiest DIY's ever!

    I have to thank hahnmgh63 for letting me use his new rear disks and EBC reds while mine are in transit, and my pal Cable for lending me his rear brake piston tool, you guys saved me from yet another day of driving my wife's Ford truck!

    Rear brake replacement is exceptionally easy, and I am by no means a skilled mechanic. Here's my DIY instructions.

    Jack car up in the rear(one side at a time), chock front wheel as you need parking brake off.

    Take rear wheel off. Unbolt caliper sliders (13mm socket and 14mm open wrench. Middle of caliper slides off and pads slide out. Disk slides off (with some tapping from the backside). I had to spray WD40 to loosen the disk from the hub, it was stuck on pretty good.

    Inspect caliper, clean off grime, push piston in with piston tool (necessary tool to do Audi rear brakes!)

    Slide disk on, they are directional, so put the correct disk on as indicated by the rotational arrow, and be sure to line up holes for wheel lugs as it does not freely rotate on the hub once pressed on.

    Apply anti squeal plates to pads (provided with EBC Reds). Slide pads in, slide caliper over the pads. Bolt caliper up, install wheel and torque.. Repeat on other side and voila, new rear brakes!

    I think it took me an hour or so. 40 minutes of that was for the first side (learning curve). It was literally easier than changing the oil on our cars (which I have yet to complete as I don't have a lift)

    Took the Beast out and bedded the pads per EBC recommendation, and she drives like a dream! Saved a couple hundred in labor, go the parts near wholesale cost, this car isn't so expensive to own! I'm lovin my RS6 once again!



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    ya, rear brakes are simple, you just need the compression tool. took my tech all of 5 minutes to swap out the rear pads

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