I found a few of my old movies and uploaded them to Google video.
Mixed them with pictures and old articles from the RS6.com history book.
We've been online since September 2002, over 4 years now.

Thanks for contributing, we wouldn't be here without our members (now over 3,000.)

It's (supposed) to be winter now so I'll start on a frosen lake with the Audi quattro Driving Experience in Idre, nothern Sweden.

Video: Audi RS6 on ICE

More ICE pics here

And the 56k warning pics here. Nice action on the ICE!

Video: Tribute to Audi RS6 - The first video we ever made. (vs. the BMW M5) M5

Some nice videos of the misano red beast, the RS6 Avant with a Hohenester 500 hp upgrade. Awesome car!

Video: Audi RS6 Avant doing 300 km/h+ on the Autobahn vs. M3 Cab (only doing 250 km/h)

Video: Audi RS6 Avant with a 500 hp upgrade. Nice sound and interesting bulletcam angles. Cool video!

RS6.com Article - The New King of the Autobahn

We had a lot of fun at the Nürburgring as well. We actually over took the BMW M5 E39 Ring Taxi, driven by a race driver.
However the driver accidentaly unplugged the videocam, that would have been a great movie.
It is probably one of the largest mistakes in the RS6.com history

Video: Audi RS6 on the Nürburgring chasing Porsches. Tire explosion at 8.22 in the video!!!

RS6.com at the Nürburgring

RS6.com article - RS6 chasing Porsches

We've upgrade a few cars as well, and visited a few tuners.

RS6.com article. We visit a tuner and upgrade an RS6 Avant to (at least) 500 hp

RS6.com visits Dahlback Racing

Dahlback RS6 parked outside "The White House"

More RS6.com videos here (RS6 related)

And some other videos:

Video: BMW M5 Hartge vs. Audi RS4 - RS6.com video

Video: Audi RS4 Hohenester vs. BMW M3 E46. This M3 bites the DUST of an Avant! I LOVE the sound of this RS4!

Video: The new Audi RS4 is introduced on the race track

Video: Audi S4 vs. the BMW M3 E46 :s4addict:

RS6.com visits RUF Automobile (Germany) and drives a RUF R Kompressor, new RS4 (quattro GmbH special) and a BMW M5 Hartge

RS6.com article. We visit RUF and are among the first to drive the RUF Rt12 with 650 hp

0-200 km/h in 9.6 seconds. That's FAST!

(GPS is taped to the roof) Note the smoke coming of the tires. This is Road & Track driving the Rt12 for their article.

We had a lot of fun. We will have a lot of fun. 2007 has just begun!