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    That makes sense to you, huh? It might if the...

    That makes sense to you, huh?

    It might if the test was done at altitude in which case the RS5 would not be producing max hp.
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    S6 faster than RS5 - what gives?

    Car and Driver tests an S6 and an RS5.

    An Audi S6, which has 420hp, weighs 4255, has a 7 speed DCT tranny does 1/4 mile in 12.1 secs. 0-60 in 3.7 secs.
  3. Would prefer the double clutch myself.

    Would prefer the double clutch myself.
  4. Audi mechanic in the L.A, preferably westside

    Anyone know of a good and reliable Audi mechanic in the West L.A./Santa Monica area? Someone with RS6 knowledge.

    There is always the dealer - which is Santa Monica Audi which according to...
  5. Thread: Chip?

    by Ribbonaire


    I've had my RS6 for 9 days now. I'd heard it was chipped (but the dealer couldn't provide any more info). How could I find out? Reason I ask is that the car feels very fast. Raced some kind...
  6. RS6 needs serious audio upgrade. Any ideas?

    Just got an RS6 - whatta fun car!

    I used to be in the hifi biz - and I'm not a fan of anything Bose. If there are some audiophiles with RS6 who has gone the distance with an upgrade - I'm all...
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