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  1. Oh yeah,

    I knew there was something else. I ordered a new water pipe for the oil cooler from Bufkin Engineering. Nice piece. CNC machined aluminum with double seals on both ends. $25 delivered for a part that is a known failure point. I was talking to my local shop and they are still having issues with this part on the new V8 Audis. Crazy.

  2. Part 2

    My transmission will finally show up tomorrow. The only other items I need are the adapter kit from you and the missing parts from the six speed conversion kit I ordered (half-shafts, boot and the little shim for the transmission linkage). After that I'm ready to take a couple days off work and get my hands dirty. The guy I'm working with has talked me into pulling the engine. He says he can have it out in six hours and would prefer to head down that path. That's probably just a couple more hours of work than the other route and will make some of the other stuff easier. If I ever want to switch clutches, I'll try the other method.

    Hope all is well,

    Talk soon,

  3. Steve,

    Several things for you...

    1.) I talked to Greg at DMTechnik in NY. They're doing a crazy RS6 swap, with your kit I believe. Greg has the ECU work under control for this application including issues with ESP, cruise, CANbus and most importantly the rev matching issue that causes the engine to rev when changing gears. He will do the ECU as well as tune to your liking for 800-1100 depending on the level of tune. Not cheap, but very reasonable for getting this done and dusted.

    2.) Question on the flywheel bolts. I think you said you are using 30mm bolts in a post. Is this correct and if so, I'm assuming they come with the flywheel. For some reason I've been assuming they would be 10x1x43 triple squares, although I have no idea where I got that other than it's the S4 V6 bolt.

    3.) How is your project coming? Did you move ahead with the JB repair?

    More in a second message.....
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