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  1. I'm sending this separately to you and Palette.
    I just saw your post about C5 transmission cooler.
    1st - MTM offered a cooler kit. It may no longer be available?
    I believe I have the only one installed in the US.
    (Installed locally here in Prescott, AZ. - Pictures available upon request.)
    My experience gong through Hoppen Motorsport was painful, at best.
    However, the kit is great and performs well
    Kit - cooler, fittings and SS Lines.
    Separate dedicated cooler for transmission.
    Fittings/lines so all OEM cooler paths used for engine cooling.

    You mentioned FRU developing a transmission cooler? Who are they?

    I've been off the Forum for quite awhile and am getting caught up.
    (Orig. owner, 8/7/03 - 70K miles, approx 35 Audi DE's, including Daytona, '08)
    You can search the forum for other info in posts I've made about front rotors and the cooling kit.

    Jimmy Stoner (
    Hm: 928-443-1082
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