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  1. Hey Jimmy thanks for the insight on the cooler. Yes FMU is building on if you look at there pic thread you will see it installed. They are located in Chicago, They are in the middle of building the intake for % members on the board all for the RS6. you can view that as well.
    They seam to do very good work and R&D there stuff.
  2. I'm sending this separately to you and JSRS6.
    I just saw your post about C5 transmission cooler.
    1st - MTM offered a cooler kit. It may no longer be available?
    I believe I have the only one installed in the US.
    (Installed locally here in Prescott, AZ. - Pictures available upon request.)
    My experience gong through Hoppen Motorsport was painful, at best.
    However, the kit is great and performs well
    Kit - cooler, fittings and SS Lines.
    Separate dedicated cooler for transmission.
    Fittings/lines so all OEM cooler paths used for engine cooling.

    You mentioned FRU developing a transmission cooler? Who are they?
    I've been off the Forum for quite awhile and am getting caught up.
    (Orig. owner, 8/7/03 - 70K miles, approx 35 Audi DE's, including Daytona, '08)
    You can search the forum for other info in posts I've made about front rotors and the cooling kit.

    Jimmy Stoner (
    Hm: 928-443-1082
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