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March 8th, 2003, 13:59
found some very nice and big screens.. join them :0:

Many More *click* (http://www.supercars.de/?show=single_car&marken_id=9&modell_id=556)

March 8th, 2003, 14:49
Very nice pictures! Thnx for sharing.


Very special lights! What kind of light is that?

March 8th, 2003, 15:36
it`s LED-technology :)

March 8th, 2003, 15:43
From the Audi press release:

Another new feature are the slightly inclined, low-height main headlight strips on the Nuvolari quattro. They make use of an entirely new technology – super-bright high-performance light-emitting diodes (LEDs). This is where, once again, Audi’s typical groundbreaking design principles and its proverbial “Vorsprung durch Technik” combine.

More light on a dark night: adaptive LED rear lights with infrared sensors.

As if this were not enough, LED technology offers further future potential. In a future development stage, LED headlights will make dynamic cornering beams possible without the need for movable parts in the system. The width and direction of the beam can be specifically adjusted by activating more light elements electronically.

LEDs are also used for the rear lights, brake lights and flashing turn indicators. The infrared sensors for the rear lights are revolutionary. They identify dirt on the covers and external factors such as spray or fog. The electronic control system increases the brightness steplessly in response to sensor impulses if required by outside conditions. This is an important step towards better visibility and, ultimately, a safer journey in all weather conditions.

The braking lights and flashers benefit additionally from the LED’s shorter response time. Whereas it takes conventional bulbs around 200 milliseconds to reach their full brightness, LEDs need less than one millisecond.

At the rear of the car too, LEDs provide the designers with additional styling options, since they require less space.