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March 1st, 2003, 04:27
Click (http://www.hekkuli.org/~hekkuli/flash/gaytest.swf) :hihi:

March 6th, 2003, 05:42
lol!! Thats pretty funny

March 6th, 2003, 17:46
hahaha.. how funny :rolleyes: :mad:..

this is a shame.. where is the joke? I can`t find him and these words : "haha, you`re gay" sounds like haha you`re an idiot or something like that.. it`s poor to see how intolerant many people are.. homosexual people haven`t got an easy life and then things like this shit are coming around and makes people more think that homosexuality is somthing bad.. also the way how many gays are presented in the TV or where else. Always some strange people which move in unnormal ways or their tuff talking.. but this is only a little percentage. Most homosexuals are like you and me, only different in which people they love.. think about it.. I don`t like this up there.. it`s really not funny!


March 9th, 2003, 12:00
is it really that? interesting..

so if you had a nice talk with s.o new and you got sympathic with him and so on.. and then you get from whatever that he is gay, would you stop talking to him or would change your behaviour to him? he is still the same person, and the fact that he is gay doesn`t say he wants you. Not every girl you talking to wants you I gess :D.. may be it is an important point, that you haven`t met a homosexual yet? or may be you have s.o in your friendship who is, but you don`t know him/her? hm.. but yes I agree for the first moments you might not know how the react.. yes think that is true :).. I think these feelings come out of the oneway thinking about homosexuals, or? if we think of gay we immediately think of a strange and funny guy with unusual movements :D:D.. that`s a little bit sad cause there are many other gays which are not like that and because of this fact the society loughs about them in generell :).. well for that we have to enlight the people :D..

and if it`s in your interest, Im not gay :)

March 12th, 2003, 18:17
Originally posted by autofil
No i wont stop talk to him. But yes my behavor wil change. At least for a while. Until I learn to live with it. I know that not every gay wonts m, BUT as with girls we think: "She\He might like me.
I have full respeckt to gays and I dont think anything about them. But the fact that the person next to me might like me, scares me. And therefor we jokes to laughf of it, and then we normalize it. So we dont make jokes to be evile, but to feel safe our selves.

wuh yeah.. htx for your request.. I think no I can understand some things better :D.. but this is not for everybody, I know but most guys think like that I gess.. thx for this point of view..

Originally posted by autofil
We are living in a world full of preejuctice.

that`s true.. and I don`t like it :)