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February 21st, 2003, 20:49
Hello, my friends...

I was hoping many on you, Swedish TT owners will come to register on the CHALLENGE forum....where I created a Swedish One especially.

It is a great event for all of us .

I need you and I explain why :

- My goal is to make a great TT meeting (the biggest in the world at the moment) in Le Mans during the Le Mans Classic (but you know allready this..!) during summer 2004 (normally in july..? to confirm for the dates)

- I have to negociate for the occupancy of the big track to take this "super photo with 400 TT or more..." (i hope so much..!)

- For those who make the big effort to come from Far away (for example, you..!), I will try to get from the sponsors that i will appeal to, some advantages...about the entrance price in Le Mans Classic, or food on the stand, we'll see......

- for all these negociations, we must show the sponsors our strength, our weight and our motivation......

- so more you are on the list , on our forum, and more I can negociate because I shall show them the forums motivation... to convince them to participate for their communication to this global event...!

This is the same for the germans, englishs, italians, spanish, polish, belgics, dutchs and the frenchs.

Remember it is really a big Challenge with hard work for me....

I want it to success and everyone of you will be (if it works..!) also very proud to have been there that day...!

Please ask to your members to post on the swedish challenge forum as important your club is....
Nrn, you speak english and you seem to be the moderator of this club TT.
So I name you as the moderator and you will be my contact for the news... OK ..? I'll come sometimes here also.

Never forget, you are an important part of this event as us.....


PS: For the joke: we have a californian from Los Angeles who saw my message on an english forum......He, seriously wants to ship over his car to come for the event...! Crazy and passionned Americans...!

February 22nd, 2003, 09:47

Public access to http://challange.lemans.free.fr/ denied or? :confused:

February 22nd, 2003, 10:20
Originally posted by Erik B

Public access to http://challange.lemans.free.fr/ denied or? :confused:

Hi Erik B,:race:
The right way for this word is : challenge with an "e" ;)

Here's another right way : :incar:

Click here for a DIRECT access to : The forum of the CHALLENGE LE MANS (http://forum.ledefi.apinc.org/)

See you soon

February 28th, 2003, 16:05
IŽd love to come and join you. I visit the Le Mans 24h every year. But unfortunately time and money is somthing that I dont have. :vsad2: