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January 11th, 2003, 15:54
Found a few pics I thought needed sharing.




New S4 Coupé


Audi LeMAns. YES!


New Passat


January 15th, 2003, 09:22
Now what is this? :confused:


January 15th, 2003, 17:27
Originally posted by Erik B
Now what is this? :confused:


that`s what I said in RS3-RS8 thread :D.. it`s the A3 Sportbreak or Avant (They aren`t sure yet by audi :)) wait I quote what I`ve writen there :)

Originally posted by itisme
In the actual "AutoBild" there is a big preview of next upcoming Audi A3.. they say that in 2004 the next S3 is coming with 3,2l V6 engine and 280PS but thats not all.. the highest point of the A3 is the RS3 Avant or RS3 Sport Break (they aren`t sure about the name yet) the engine is a BiTurbo-V6 with about 350PS they say that this car will be a "Kultauto" :D.. looking forward to see first pix, anybody got some?

this Pic you showed was also in the paper :).. along two pages, that`s why I didn`t scan :)..

/well I make a big edit :D..

here are the facts, written in the story:
this year the new A3 is coming. It will have the normal Audi grill like the A4 one. The engines @ first are:
-1,6 8V SRE 102PS and 150Nm
-2,0 16V FSI 150PS and 200Nm
-3,2 24V SRE 220PS and 350Nm

-1,9 8V TDI 100PS and 240Nm
-2,0 16V TDI 136PS and 320Nm

SRE stands for "Saugrohreinspritzung" just a normal engine :)

in 2005 there will be more engine:
-1,8 16V FSI 125PS and 180Nm
-2,0 16V FSI Turbo 180PS and 245Nm
-3,2 24V FSI V6 240PS and 320NM (changes with the old 3,2 :))

-2,0 16V TDI 161PS and 385NM

in october the S3 removes the old S3 and has got a 3,2l V6 engine with 280PS and after that there is the RS3 with TwinTurbo V6 and 350PS he will only be avalable in the Avant or Sportbreak, but may be later in the normal A3? don`t know :) the 4-Door A3 (Avant) starts in 2004 :).. hope i didn`t foreget anything :)

January 15th, 2003, 19:56
great pics and info:0:

the look of the new a6 is great but my only concern
is that maybe that grill is a little too much in your face
for your average buyer.

otherwise looks nice:D