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January 5th, 2003, 14:57
Crystal ball time guys.
I need some help if I'm to justify keeping the RS6.
What is the concensus on resale value for an RS6 Avant after 2 years with average mileage ?
Anyone dare to hazard a guess ?

January 5th, 2003, 15:29
Check out the pricefall on the RS4, how much it is in % the RS6 would be about the same (My guess ;) ) ! Maybe that can give you a hint?

BR /Nicke

January 5th, 2003, 15:37
Most Audis have poor depreciation. The person who bears the biggest depreciation burden is the initial purchaser. Usually there is little difference in price between a car that has done 1,000km and one that has done 10,000km. Consequently you might as well drive the car for a few months before selling it.
The RS6 is unlikely to hold its value, the underbonnet wiring melts, the stock brakes are better employed as boat anchors and there are a host of other problems. Combine these 'features' with a moderately large production run and second hand values are unlikely to excite the vendor.
If you can afford the running costs, you may be better advised to hang onto the car for several months, unless you can unload it on some unsuspecting member of the public at a price that makes you grin.


January 5th, 2003, 16:52
Hi Nordschleife
Thats not a very encouraging picture of the car. I had'nt heard of the wiring problem. My dealer has just offered me the option of cross-drilled discs....which I have taken. Is this because of the problems you describe with the stock brakes. I would love to know.....and are these likely to happen if the car is used as an everyday runaround as opposed to being thrashed on a track.
Thanks Gaz

January 5th, 2003, 18:00
The cross drilled brakes won't do anything to prevent the brake problems. The fundemental design of the rotors is flawed. As conceived, heat is trapped in the rotors, with nowhere to go and there is no way that air can be forced into the rotor, so heat build-up in the rotors is huge. Couple this with the very small pad area of the 8 piston callipers in front and the low braking effort from the extremely hard pads on the rear and you have problems. Especially given the automatic nature of the car and the consequent continual application of the brakes whenever at a standstill.
I have experience of 2 RS6s. On one, the pads were all but shot at 5,000 km and on the other, the rotors were cooked after 2 or 3 hardish stops from 280kph on the Autobahn.
Sure the cross drilled rotors look good, so worthwhile from that standpoint. It is also worth asking your dealer to fit the Sports Exhaust.