View Full Version : Interesting facts about the builder of the Nürburgring!

January 4th, 2003, 22:56

I found a newspaper article from the local Adenau newspaper.
It was published after the 75th birthday of the Ring.
The head behind the Ring was Dr. Creutz, he planned it and made his dream of a racetrack in the Eifel mountains come true.
For the 75th anniversary of the Ring his daughter came to the place her father built and cleared some wrong facts.
The Nazi propaganda machinery tried everything to erase Dr. Creutz from the history books. He was a member of the catholic party "Zentrum" and forced to escape to Berlin. The Nazis found a hunter from Nürburg and presented him as the Ring founder and made the typical postcards of the Nazitime where he is posing in a Horch and says that he built the Ring.
In fact he really wanted to establish a race in the Eifel, but on the local roads, not on a permanent racetrack.
After the war many people believed that the reigning chancellor Konrad Adenauer was the man behind the ring. But in the time from 1925-1927 he was mayor of Cologne. He also wanted to built a racetrack, but an Indy-like oval in the outskirts of Cologne.
And finally the 80yrs old daughter of Dr. Creutz explained one of the last secret names at the Ring. During a lap with Dr. Kafitz, the CEO, she explained the name of the Hedwigshöhe between Hohe Acht and Wippermann.
Hedwigshöhe is a tribute to Dr. Creutz' wife, named Hedwig.
She acutally entered the Hatzenbach in her 75bhp Opel Corsa with 90kph!!!

Very interesting. :)

(thanks to Magnus Thomé over at the swedish race track forum rejsa.nu for the find)