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January 4th, 2004, 19:35
According to my information the new A6 will be (a lot) larger than the old one.

"The next-generation Audi A6, which comes to the UK late in 2004, has been caught on camera during cold-weather testing. The new A6 will be one of the first Audis to adopt the company's dramatic new grille styling, which is larger and deeper than any previously worn by an Audi - note the deep, single-piece disguise panel in the centre of the car's nose, which follows the outline of the grille, with an air intake below the number plate. The new A6's body styling will be a gentle evolution of the current model - don't expect any BMW-style theatrics here - and the cabin promises to offer more space and luxury. Audi is also working on the new car's suspension to improve the ride and handling. Engines will include a version of the 3.2 V6 petrol unit developing 250 bhp, as well as refined diesels. "

January 4th, 2004, 19:35
And another one

January 6th, 2004, 20:27
from the above pic, i think that shield grille translate better on the W12 A8.

January 6th, 2004, 20:37
Gotta love the rally lights. Audi should get back into the WRC. The Skoda just doesn't cut it for me.
:s4addict: -Bimmerhead

January 6th, 2004, 22:37
I think I liked the smaller pics better. Looks like we're trading in the A6(2.8) for a Cayenne after all............although that Volvo truck looks good too.

January 7th, 2004, 17:10
More clues:


January 7th, 2004, 17:24
I think the pic is taken from one of those funny angles you know.
Front looks high, like a huge forehead. And then the lines down the sides from front too back look too plain.

I will reserve judgement until I see one in front of me.
I did the same for the BMW vehicles, and I actually like them too once you see it in real life.

Wait and see I guess.

January 7th, 2004, 17:34
I hope all can see this is Photoshop.

January 7th, 2004, 19:44
The first picture kinda tipped me off. :)
Funny looking reflections, the angle and so on.

January 9th, 2004, 12:42
I hope all can see this is Photoshop.

I hope so. The center section of the front grille looks like a big black cavity that needs filling. I've seen other pictures that looked much better ...



January 27th, 2004, 20:05
AutoWeek (http://www.autoweek.com/cat_content.mv?port_code=autoweek&cat_code=carnews&loc_code=index&content_code=02394112)

January 28th, 2004, 00:24
Oh dear, the new trademark grill from Audi just doesn't do it for me.

It reminds me of a basking shark eating, not the prettiest sight. http://www.lifesci.ucsb.edu/eemb/facilities/marine/shark.jpg

I guess I'll have to go for the E60 M5. :(