View Full Version : What is the general opinion on O.CT tuning

December 11th, 2002, 15:00
I am curious as to the impressions of others (mostly from your side of the pond) since they are based there. They are new to the States and we have been told that they are well known. Does anyone have an opinion on their software tuning? How about their turbo upgrades?

December 11th, 2002, 16:12
O.ct tuning , Ive nerver heard about it? Do you have an URL? :confused:

BR /Nicke

December 12th, 2002, 13:06
O.CT tuning, check google.com to find out more.

Seems to be an Austrian company of which I've never heard of.

The most famous tuners are Abt, MTM and Hohenester.
Others are around but may act on a more local basis.

December 19th, 2002, 13:21