View Full Version : Dynamic link-archive?

June 1st, 2003, 16:49
I miss one thing on RS6.com. Links.
Almost every site has them, so were are they?
Now I know how much work there has to be put into a link-section were they should get constantly updated, so why not build some kind of dynamic link-archive, were the viewers, that's us :) can send in a link and that way build a pretty large archive? It would be great to be able to surf in on rs6.com and not have to worry about searching for other RS 6-links, just look it up here and go!

Then of course, I realize another problem. We are members only on a message board, not on rs6.com itself so it would take a new kind of structure were you log in on rs6.com and not only on the message board. Big problem...
Well, it's just a thought.
Any comments?


June 2nd, 2003, 01:21
As you say there's some work behind building an link archive and today there's atleast 10 things that have higher priority then an link archive...

For example: Recoding the entire site for faster loading times and easier updates, redesigning the media-section, too add more avatars, keep a bether update-rate on the lifestyle-section...
(and now I have'nt told you anything about the secret things we're planing for the future) :mouthshut :hihi: