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  1. LeMans quattro? Want one?
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  29. Sept 27th, 2006. (updated with satellite downlink info)
  30. V10 for RS6 to be in R10???
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  32. Audi R8 Roadster.
  33. Here it is!!!!! (UPDATED- more pics!!!!!!!!!!)
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  35. Could we beat the record for members on the site?
  36. Official Press release.
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  39. Paris Reveal Ceremony Coverage
  40. Compilation of Specs
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  43. Cut-thru pics
  44. A post for all the naysayers
  45. video of r8 in black
  46. I like this better.
  47. R8 video
  48. R8 delivery times....
  49. Buckets or not?
  50. Want me to add this? :D
  51. Pics Black R8
  52. R8 weight. and the V10
  53. Welcome to Dimension R8
  54. The inevitable - i.e. track time guesses!
  55. Only 15 per day...
  56. Autocar claiming lightweight version as well as roadster and v10
  57. Audi Forum and Park Ave and 47th
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  60. R8 V10 powah < new RS6 V10 powah
  61. V10 premium
  62. R8 tire replacement
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  64. R8 Prospective Customers Care No.
  65. Bang & Olufsen Sound System for the R8!
  66. What type of engine will the V10 be?
  67. USA R8 V8 price......
  68. R8 vs L-FA vs GT-R
  69. ok. this one should be good. V8 R8 vs 997C4S or 997TT?
  70. R-Tronic..?
  71. Rwd R8 might be coming!!!!!
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  80. Further Weight Discussions and My formula for what would be perfect car
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  89. R8 photoshop. (not mine)
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  93. Mov'it Brakes.
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  96. R8 dream
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  98. Manual or R-Tronic?
  99. Heat....
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  101. New video
  102. Los Angeles Auto Show
  103. R8 and RS4 Avant @ Helsinki Motor Show
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  108. White! White R8!!!
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  130. to ceramic or no ceramic?
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  162. opinions on awaiting the V10 over the V8
  163. Will the DSG transmission be ready for the V10 introduction
  164. short youtube clip, R8 start up, etc.... Sounds Gooooooooood
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  166. POLL: best looking color combo
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  168. ORDERS thread
  169. Road and Track Road Test
  170. New R8 wheels
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  176. Deposit
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  187. order guide is up!
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  201. Found a nice little video
  202. Do you think the E92 M3 will match the R8 in performance?
  203. new R8 video......
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  215. anyone have limestone gray interior pics?
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  226. Horror !
  227. Check this out!
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