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Thread: RNS-E Navigation system going in soon

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    RNS-E Navigation system going in soon

    My next mod going on is updating my RS6 US navigation system with an RNS-E US version. As always, you will get to see the full write up and many pix to enjoy. Obviously putting together a write up will be all part of the fun.

    For most of you, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, but for the few that may be in the dark, here is some pix of the setup going in.

    Check for any details.

    Setup I plan to follow with some minor differences in the RNS-E part number for the RS6.
    Another setup on an AllRoad.

    I also purchased a new XM radio module, as the RNS-E uses a different one. I will have my current XM radio module for sale later. PM me if interested. Most likely half the price than what you get from dealer.

    I got my connectors from They were great, and had all the parts in stock. If something is not in stock, check often, as usually it only takes them about 2-4 days to have it back in stock.

    Got RNS-E and XM radio module from ClairParts. Just called them, gave them the numbers, and units were sitting in warehouse in New Jersey. Should be here by Tuesday.

    All kinds of great info here too.

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