Hi there,

So my car decided to throw me a little puzzle here. For starter, i do not have a Vag com and i will be going to see a friend soon that has one to check the codes.

i also have a torn CV boot that i am to replace shortly, and my abs light started to come on time to time, which i assume could be from the torn CV boot with the grease playing a role on the sensor maybe? I could be wrong. any ideas?

As of a couple of days ago, the car started to give me a alarm time to time on RIGHT TURNS ONLY while driving, regardless of speed, sometimes even on the freeway on a right turn. It will do 3 beeps and the red BRAKE display coming on the dash. I started to look at my E-brake being the possible problem but it is not on when this happens and i am not sure where to look for that sensor if it is the issue. Any ideas on that? anyone ever dealt with that?