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Thread: RS6 6 Speed Manual Tune by nubcake

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    RS6 6 Speed Manual Tune by nubcake

    Just want to share my experience that I had today with chipping my RS6 with Alex.
    I am not getting anything from this just sharing this story.
    About a month ago had a tune done by AMD, which was a process but that is another story.
    Car ran good for about 180 miles, than car developed misfiring and later into car shutting on and off while idling into a completely dead ECU.
    I have tried several times to get hold of Jason or his team via email, phone calls, msgs, but after 2 weeks of nothing I gave up.
    Lucky was I and got a spare ECU from Steve, thanx Steve and now we are up and running.
    Just to back track, Jason advised me about a year ago when I asked him if his tune will pass California Smog , he got little upset and said why wouldn't it be.
    That was my big concern if I will spend $1000 dollars and not to mention all the money for the conversion, I want it to pass smog since I live in this state.
    Well it is not.
    Monitors are N/A for Cats, Sec Air, Evap.
    That is a fail.
    They are ready in factory door in the ECU but not in the GlobalII door where the states goes to perform smog test.
    Now back to nubcake aka Alex.
    We spend good amount of time over Teamviewer today and got his tune in the spare ECU, where all monitors function work, and so far I am happy with the way the car drives.
    Now we need few logs of 3rd gear pulls to fine tune to see if we can get some more HP and to be sure all mixtures/timing is where it should and it is done.
    So just so other people know you have options, and I wish I did this one first rather than deal with a place that is an actual business, and does not respond, returns calls, or emails.
    I am not trying to put them down, just disappointing how they do business specially after they have your money.
    Now I will see if they will repair the ECU or return money for the replacement ECU, and for their tune that was not as promised.
    Thanx for your time, and big thanx to Alex!

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    Alex (Nubcake) is the man.

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    I'll echo these comments, Alex did my 6-speed tune and helped me get through Oregon emissions with no secondary air and gutted pre-cats. He was always very responsive and helpful!

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    Thanks guys.

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