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Thread: Dave, you have any info on this one? Copart GA

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    Dave, you have any info on this one? Copart GA

    Just thought I'd copy the other thread...

    Not sure what that one went for, but this one is sporting an MTM badge, and some kind of crazy intake kit, black Hella tails, blacked out grille, modded headlights, red valve covers. Definitely an enthusiast's car, but... also listed as water / flood... Given the front end damage, maybe driven into a deep puddle? The TCU is sitting on the carpet, removed, so probably wet inside.

    Also, does anyone know what intake that is? Looks pretty!!

    (Already searched the site, VIN does not come back here or on google, but maybe someone would be interested in watching / bidding)


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    Just bid to $5000 today. Bidder from Minnesota. The sale needs approval which means it might be back...
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    We've seen that car on here a few times, someone should remember who owns it...
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    Searching this site, the previous owner appears to be JSRS6. Protip: search for the last 6 digits not the full VIN.

    F/S thread from July 2018 ...

    Intake is an FMU unit. From what I can tell, 5 were produced for a group buy on this site.

    The one on this car is SN-001 which was originally purchased by speedtrapped.

    You can go digging through his history to figure out if there is more to this car than just an MTM badge.

    In fact, I was convinced this was THE Fluid MotorUnion car based on the air intake serial number and motor dressings until I dug into things deeper. Similar but not the same.
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