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Thread: Feeler: 2003 RS6, 6 speed manual 75k miles

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    Feeler: 2003 RS6, 6 speed manual 75k miles

    Hey all,

    This is just a feeler at this point. Selling this car is a last resort, however, emergencies and family come first.

    The car was 6 speed swapped within the past 6 months. It drives perfectly and is essentially flawless in every way. The engine has been resealed on nearly every gasket and is up to date on TB service. I have records for everything.


    SteveKen 6 speed swap done at 74k miles
    Nubcake tune 93/100oct with BND fuel additive
    Launch control and No Lift Shift
    Catless downpipes
    Full catless 3in stainless steel exhaust
    AMD stage 3+ clutch
    Wagner intercoolers
    Koni yellow shocks
    Hotchkis swaybars
    Brand new VMR v701 wheels 19x9.5
    Brand new General Gmax tires 275/30/19 all the way around
    Vent mount pod for boost and AFR

    Valve covers and all cam seals replaced at 57k
    Timing belt and water pump done at 62k
    Egt sensors replaced at 62k
    Evap system replaced at 64k
    Pads and rotors replaced at 65k
    Control arm bushings done at 74k
    Much more...

    The car also has about a $3500 audio system. This includes the pioneer head unit, speakers, Alpine amps, and Dyna matting.
    Headliner sagging in two small spots in the rear
    Needs driver seat mounts replaced (the seat rocks a tad)

    A few pics for now:

    My feeler price is somewhere around $30k. May seem high but with the low mileage, maintenance, and the swap that's a hell of a deal. You could not mimic this setup for less than that.

    Again, this is a feeler! If it gets to the point where I have to sell I will officially list it. I'm just gauging interest at this point.
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    RS6: SteveKen 6MT swap, AMD 3+ clutch, Wagners, Hotchkis and Koni Yellows, V701s, Nubcake 100oct tune, 3in catless exhaust

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