Hello again,

really long time I don`t came back to the rs6.com board for reading and writing. I sold my RS6 in 2010 and go for the RS4 V8s. I had have 3 of these, then a S4 8K supercharged car and now back to the RS4 b7. In the meantime I working for the Insoric Sales GmbH & Co. KG. At first to say, I don`t will start a sales counter here, only give out some information. Maybe interesting for the Groupe here.
We are selling high precision measuring equipment for the car division.
For example the
Insoric RealPower mobile Dynometer
mobile wheel load scales.


With these both tools you can replace a complete rolling road dynometer and furthermore you are mobile to measure on events or meetings.
All what you need is a good and flat road for the measuring run. Here some pictures of the measuring himself. The module on the wheels, the weighing and some impressions at all. For me is only important to show that there is a system and a brand, what can arrange power and performance measuring on a new way and work high precision. I hope we can discuss a little and I will answer all your questions about.

I`m happy to found again my password