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Thread: rs6 part outs

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    rs6 part outs

    Hey guys,
    I've parted 3 rs6s over the last couple of years (I'm 11o7 on Audizine) and I've still got some nice parts left over if anyone is interested. Feel free to PM/text me at 6472007339 if you need something or email me at Here's a brief list of some of what I have left-- contact me for more pricing/offers and pics

    OEM Borg Warner K04 RS6 turbos (91k miles) 1000/pair plus shipping (no shaft play/scoring/cracking)
    RS6 transmission w/torque converter 101k miles 1500 (was rebuilt by audi according to previous owner)
    Rs6 rear bumper 650 plus shipping
    Complete black alcantara headliner 650 plus shipping
    door shells 220 each plus shipping
    18" wheel setup (aftermarket italian rims) 500 plus shipping
    RS6 black leather Door cards 400 shipped
    Engine cover 150 shipped
    Carbon fibre Intake housing 160 shipped
    Drc shocks/springs 100 each plus shipping
    Rear RS6?differential 400 plus shipping
    Rear view mirror w/compass 100 shipped
    Dashboard 200 plus shipping
    complete Heater core assembly 200 shipped
    Y pipe 100 plus shipping
    Front subframe 400 plus shippling
    Rear drive shafts 125 each shipped
    Complete Uprights (control arms, spindle, Hub etc) (driver) 120 plus shipping
    Rs6 trunk mat with battery cut out 125 shipped
    Rs6 in-trunk battery cover 120 shipped
    Rs6 door sills 120 each, 200 a pair shipped
    Comfort control module 125 shipped
    Tail lights 60 each shipped
    Sunroof assembly 300 plus shipping
    Hood 200 (contact me)
    Fuel injectors 40 each shipped
    Fuel rail 300 shipped
    TCU 300 shipped
    carbon fibre armrest trim piece 40 shipped
    misc sensors and modules
    shark fin roof antennae 65 shipped
    rear headrests 60 each shipped
    front bumper shocks 150 shipped
    rear license plate tub/surround 125 shipped
    fuel pump 125 shipped
    complete wood trim set 150 shipped
    widebody fenders 200 each plus shipping
    rear seat upright cushions

    all carbon fibre trim sets
    all front bumpers
    all my grilles
    all my seats
    all my side skirts
    all my bcy 4.2TT motors
    all my Se exhausts
    all my brake setups
    all my clusters

    For anything else you might need, contact me via kijiji or at 6472007339

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    Just an update guys on what's sold:
    complete headliner
    transmission/tq (both tentatively sold)
    door cards (I have another set coming in)
    engine cover
    dashboard (have another coming in)

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    Another update:
    transmission and torque converter

    rear calipers and rotors (rotors are rusty from sitting and need refinishing)
    complete set of oem axles (good shape overall-- boots are good except for front right boot-- cracking/small tear)
    complete set of door cards (black smooth leather)
    rear rs6 differentials

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    Im looking for a sliver armrest lid
    03 RS6 Mugello/Ivory #905565
    01 S4 Casa/sport/6spd

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    Hey- I've got one. Text me at 6472007339 or email me at for some pics

    Quote Originally Posted by kruat View Post
    Im looking for a sliver armrest lid

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    Recently sold:
    First aid kit
    intake tubes
    Fuel pump (one left)

    recently available:
    rear diff
    prop shaft

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