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Thread: FS: Mugello RS6, Alcantara seats, 01E trans, hybrid SRM turbos, ALL maintenance BEAST

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    FS: Mugello RS6, Alcantara seats, 01E trans, hybrid SRM turbos, ALL maintenance BEAST

    ASKING $26000

    Posted a gallery here:

    This is a 2003 Audi RS6, with a clean title. It is Mugello blue with a light gray interior. It has been converter to a special 01E manual transmission found in Germany. The transmission was imported and sent straight to audiS4parts in Arizona for complete disassembly and new parts. It also has a matching 3.89:1 rear differential to allow for a longer 1st gear and a very tall cruising 6th gear. This car will get close to 30 mpg on the highway. It is unique because it has full alcantara seats that were only found in the S6. They are very rare and even more rare are the alcantara door cards. The cluster was sent to Russia to have a color LED center display installed (it's the only RS6 in the U.S. that I know of that has one of these at the moment). It displays a myriad of information including VCDS like functions allowing you to read an clear trouble codes right from the cluster. The car has too many new parts to describe so I've tried to recall everything that has been done and list below. I have a full folder of recipients to provide the new owner. This is the most fun I've ever had in a car but I now purchased a newer Audi and this one is left to sit in the garage.

    The car has never been to the drag strip so I don't know how quick it is 0-60 or 1/4 mile and I have not had it on a dyno. MAF readings during tuning put the car at around 550 whp. It has brand new SRM hybrid turbos, AEM water methanol injection kit, larger brand new bosch 55 lb injectors, R8 coil packs, ceramic coated exhaust manifolds, Stage 4 extreme clutch and solid steel flywheel, 4 bar MAP sensor, brand new bosch 044 inline fuel pump. It's currently set to peak boost of 27 psi. Every conceivable piece of maintenance has already been complete. As you can see from the pictures, the engine was removed from the car and just about every gasket, seal, belt, etc was replaced even if it didn't need it. Also, parts were either hot tanked, sand blasted and many powder coated (like the valve covers and intake manifold).

    Items worth noting: There are a few small scratches that have been touched up with color matched paint. A couple on the front driver fender and on the rear passenger panel where the previous owner must have scraped it as they exited the car. There is a small rock chip in the windshield passenger side. The front driver fender has a small, scratch-less dent that could be removed by a dent removal shop. The front hood has two very small dings on near the front (I tried to get close ups of this). There is a small chip on the roof that has been color matched an touched up (about the size of a fingernail). Finally, if the car is driven hard, the added heat from the extra boost and the super close proximity of the starter solenoid to the exhaust manifold will cause the solenoid to stick until it cools. I have a brand new upgraded racing solenoid to install and it also has been heat wrapped but I haven't had time to install it. I will include it with the car. This issue was confirmed by the starter manufacturer and the person who sells the manual swap kit.

    In addition to all that has been done to the car, I have extra parts I will include with the sale of the car. Some of them include:

    An extra carbon fiber air box cover
    Extra set of K&N washable air filters
    Extra steering wheel trim in case you ever want to remove the w/m indicator light
    Extra battery cover box
    Extra trim around the base of the steering wheel.

    Here's the list:

    Transmission swap and components
    Freshly rebuilt 01E TDI FTL coded transmission from Germany with taller gear ratio for high mpg at cruising speed and longer first gear on take-off
    3.89:1 matched rear differential from advanced automotion with fresh gear oil
    filled rear transmission mounts for less slop and better response
    New transmission fluid
    New oe remanufactured 01e front axles
    All pedals for conversion properly working and wired including reverse light switch
    Complete front end suspension package with all control arms
    Steve kendrish conversion kit done the correct way, not to drill holes in the bell housing etc.
    New stage 4 extreme clutch with stevekens steel flywheel
    New flywheel bolts
    New metal slave cylinder and stainless steel braided line
    S6 manual conversion abs controllerbrand new prop shaft (drive shaft)

    Turbos and performance upgrades
    Full flow exhaust, catless, custom powder coated black tips, resonators only. All stainless steel
    Wideband sensor
    Ceramic coated exhaust manifolds
    SRM new larger hybrid billet turbos high lift wastegate actuators
    AEM water methanol injection with d12 nozzles with failsafe control
    Added failsafe solenoid and boost relay to prevent accidental flooding.
    Bosch ev14 55lb injectors with adapters
    Bosch 044 high flow inline fuel pump
    New SRM larger re-cored intercoolers
    New Forge diverter valves
    New high lift adjustable wastegate solenoids precision adjusted to cracking pressure of 17psi peak boost of 27 psi
    . custom tune by nubcake with full water meth integration and three available maps selectable with cruise control lever.
    new bosch 4 bar map sensor
    new throttle body gasket
    KW V1 coilover suspension system.

    Complete venair silicone hose kit
    Brand new Bosch battery
    Complete interior detail, shampoo and leatherique cleaning and treatment
    New cupholder, trunk button, light switch, HVAC buttons, light switch buttons
    Complete timing belt job
    New water pump
    New bosch voltage regulator
    New cam adjuster pads
    New valve cover seals
    New cam cap seals
    New front main seal and rear main seal
    Sai delete and accompanying code delete
    Secondary 02 delete
    Full exterior detail including paintless dent removal, clay bar, paint correction and wax
    Steering rack bolt removal and reset with locktite
    New accessory belt
    New compressor clutch bearing
    New oe coolant temp switch
    new coolant pipe orings and gaskets
    all new turbo crush washers
    custom fitted mishimoto oil cooler with trans cooler delete
    034 street density transmission mounts
    New stern engine mounts
    Coolant system flushed two times and filled
    New oil filter and oil
    New maf sensor orings
    Power coated valve covers
    New bufkin oil cooler pipe, and all new gaskets and seals for the oil cooler
    All new orings for oil cooler assembly at block
    New stock air filters
    034 SAI block off plates and EGR delete
    Gas tank rollover valve recall completed by dealer in Milwaukee
    . New oil pan gasket
    . New oe front pads
    . Brake system complete flush and fill with fluid
    . Power steering flush and fill with synthetic fluid
    . 19 inch B7 Genuine Audi RS4 wheels
    . New continental DW tires
    . Complete removal of secondary radiators and all plumbing including plumbing underneath where the steering rack is located
    Intake manifold remove, blasted, and powder coated.
    Valve covers removed, chemically cleaned and powder coated cast aluminum
    All check valves, vacuum valves and hoses beneath intake manifold replaced
    Intake manifold blasted and cleaned then powder coated chrome with a cast finish.
    Suction Jet pump and hoses replaced along with it being relocated to the firewall
    New PCV valve and hoses
    New intake manifold gaskets
    Radiator brought into a local radiator shop to have pressure tested, cleaned, and coated

    Cosmetic upgrades

    Beautiful light grey Alcantara leather seats Genuine S6 C5 seats. Only available originally in that model
    Full alcantara door card inserts (even more rare than the seats try and locate them)
    Genuine RNS-E head unit with 2016 map disks
    Aux input for phone connection or ipod accessory
    Bluetooth adapter in glove compartment
    Full color high resolution cluster display with VCDS diagnostic function (only RS6 C5 in the U.S that I know of)
    Wagner grill inserts to increase air flow to the intercoolers

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    Oh man, this is such a good deal. As someone currently in the process of doing the 01E swap, buying a car that is already swapped and sorted is clearly a much better way to do it. It would almost be cheaper to just push my car off a cliff and buy yours!

    In all seriousness, this is a beautiful car with all the right work done. I have spent a lot of quality time studying your swap thread, so thanks for all the info you shared.

    Good luck with the sale, someone is going to get a great deal and a great car!

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    Just keep it, you'll regret it.
    Full Alpha Motorworks Build Underway.

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    Gregg, thank you for the kind words. I'm glad my thread helped. It was a long road but I took my time and even kind of enjoyed the challenges.

    S8prototype- I've thought the same thing about the regret. If I don't get my minimum price I will end up keeping it but I have an s6 now and can't stand this beautiful rs just sitting....all the work, just hibernating. I think I'll go the rs7 route with the s6 and see how that plays out. One thing's for sure - that rs really turns heads and you get her above 40 and there are VERY few cars that can compete; Including my stage 2 s6.

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    Yea, I'm right there with you on how much was done to the car so i know what you're going thru... I want the wife to just get an RS3 and i'll probably be set... but.. letting the original rare RS go is probably not an option! I mean.. I've replaced or upgraded almost everything and it's damn near new again... I don't even have a reason to get a new Audi but it's no longer my daily anymore either... just a toy to keep my mind off business 24/7

    Your car is basically my cars clone but 6 speed haha (other than the seats, but i have no reason to replace mine... yet) if i could have both i would!
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