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      RS6 Parts including engine.

      Thread Starter: zinkwerks

      Have decided to part with my rs6 project and move back to my other hobbies. Cross-posted from Audizine I also have all necessary parts for the 6...

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      My brand new second hand RS6

      Thread Starter: LaserSVT

      Hello everyone! My name is Bill or LaserSVT. I own a small repair/service/performance shop in Waco Texas. I know I joined here a long time ago when I...

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      RS6 rick

      Lower engine ?

      Thread Starter: RS6 rick

      Greetings to all.........In 25 words or less what is involved in lowering the engine slightly ? I'm thinking of getting some piggies. Any and all...

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      quarter size oil spot on garage floor...

      Thread Starter: rah

      Hello all, I guess i should of posted earlier about my 2003 RS6 when i first started lurking around this site a few month back, but i guess i will...

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      Anyone do Milltek downpipes with stock exhaust?

      Thread Starter: UrS6

      How do you adapt them? What is the OD of the OE pipes for the slip fit?

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      How to get a stock ecu tune?

      Thread Starter: makaveli42

      So a few months ago I posted about having a ceased passenger turbo....well it's still ceased and the warranty company refuses to do anything without...

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      RS6 US VIN Compilation.....

      Thread Starter: DaveyKid

      Been compiling a list of the VIN's for the US based RS6's to see if any particular trends may have developed (trans failures, DRC failures, color...

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      S8 to RS6

      Thread Starter: BoiseAudi

      Sold my 07 S8 just over a year ago and today I join the RS6 family. Anxiously awaiting her arrival! http://imgur.com/a/H0Sks -RS6 ...

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