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    how to turn off solar cabin fan?

    Thread Starter: rickbaker

    2003 rs6, solar cabin fan never turns off, running down battery. is there a way to just turn it off for good? thanks so much!!! rick

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    Need one stupid little part - will probably have to buy an entire front bumper

    Thread Starter: vitalian

    The little piece that covers the (totally unnecessary and stupid) headlight washer on the passenger's side of the front bumper fell off my car,...

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    Del Stator

    Installing MTM hood vents...

    Thread Starter: Del Stator

    Can someone tell me how the MTM hood vents install? I am hoping that they somehow screw together and clam shell onto either side of the hood. ...

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    Thread Starter: Styhl

    I have it! drove my 904865 back from Arizona its Imola Yellow and I'll attach the paint code sticker but its inconclusive, but I know why! it was...

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    S6 conversion to RS6

    Thread Starter: SteveKen

    Thought I'd throw in a bit of a teaser pic (crappy at best) of the current status of converting my S6 into an RS6 (in most aspects) . Maybe I'll...

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    Garage Sale

    Thread Starter: Other_Erik

    Just paid the tax man, so it's a good time to clear out some spare parts... 1) Brake capsules - standard fare, Passenger side looks fine, Driver...

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    Front seat wobble...

    Thread Starter: lswing

    Anybody else deal with this. I've narrowed down the problem but it keeps popping up. Seat basically rocks back and forth a bit on braking. The...

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    Ouch - feedback appreciated

    Thread Starter: LIRS6

    Beast at dealer due MIL, fan running consistently after shutdown; dealer says needs: O2 sensors replaced (P1457, P1453) - oops, read...

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    Stasis suspension

    Thread Starter: 905084

    So after spending the weekend with Thing 3, there is a clunk from the front suspension somewhere. Right front has no dampening and the ride sucks. ...

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