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    OK, now I'll post my crazy train return

    Thread Starter: Dmb408

    I haven't even seen the car yet, but it is delivered, so now I have to post! I've owned it for a couple weeks, title-in-hand, etc. but with the east...

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    for sale 2003 rs/6

    Thread Starter: dab

    Guys time to sell this car. Second owner since 1996, selling to buy an s7. For pictures go...

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    Spotted a clean RS6 for sale on craigslist if anybody is looking

    Thread Starter: midwest1275

    It looks well taken care of and nicely modded. It's not mine, just posting. I found my RS6 through a heads up on this forum so I figured I would...

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    RS6 US VIN Compilation.....

    Thread Starter: DaveyKid

    Been compiling a list of the VIN's for the US based RS6's to see if any particular trends may have developed (trans failures, DRC failures, color...

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    RS6 spotted in chesterfield mo

    Thread Starter: vas160s

    Clarkson and Baxter. Black. Any on here? I thought I was the only owner in stl area dammit lol. Never have seen one around here.

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    Are "new to RS6 owners" perhaps biting off too much??

    Thread Starter: Bigglezworth

    With our rides surpassing the 10yr mark and with them selling for as little as $15K (less than 18% the cost of new), what are your thoughts on 'new'...

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    Champion RS6 specifications

    Thread Starter: Erik

    Allright here's the specification of the Audi RS 6 Competition so you know what kind of modifications to look for. The Audi RS 6 Competition cars...

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    Had to post this

    Thread Starter: Dmb408

    It's not mine, don't know the seller, just really cool since half the talk on this board these days is conversions. ...

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    "New" C5 RS6 Owner

    Thread Starter: Knowa

    Hi All, I am new to my RS6, that has had some work done on it by MTM, it is a "recent" import from Germany to the middle east. The car has ride...

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    ecu fried???????

    Thread Starter: dab

    my car died as I am driving home, I saw the oil light come on, then the transmission lights up. Car turns over but will not start. Had it towed to...

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