View Full Version : Fast Road & Track day journalists are over!

April 23rd, 2004, 22:49
What a day, been busy/occupied throughout the day and friend arrives late for a meet earlier this evening and is closely followed by the VW R32 UK Press Car with "Fast Road & Track Day" stickers down the side, somehow the R32 was toying with my friend's Saxo 1.1 (POS BTW) and my friend was giving them directions to their hotel since the journalists just came off the boat.

Anyway to the point, I joined my friend in my car (325) and gave chase to the tiny convoy to their hotel and recieved a free copy of their magazine, which is full of track day stuff for those who may have some interest in it, but better yet, they invited us to come along to a track day that's being held tommorow, such cars as Modified Skylines, a BMW CSL, Golf R32, the usual clutch of EVOs will be attending the trackday, all should be good...I'll be getting pictures as the day progresses.

Anyhow - here's their website: http://www.fastroad-mag.com/


April 25th, 2004, 13:44
I eventually never got a ride in the Golf R32 Press Car, want to know why?...By lunch time the journalists had the tyres down to the wire (!!!).. :bigeyes:

There were a couple of absolute nutters out on the track, It was tempting to take the 325 out for a blast, but wasn't worth the price due to the fact I arrived at the track in the early afternoon.

Here you can just about see the R32 flying, well understeering tremendously through the chicane. This spot was one of the greater areas to watch the cars since it's the first obstacleafter the long pit straight.