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March 10th, 2004, 19:40
It's rumoured natural gas will be good in 2004, especially in the African region(s).

Just make sure you buy shares in the company that finds it. ;)

March 11th, 2004, 00:49
My company is drilling it as we speak (not in Africa, but stateside) We're hoping demand stays high too. I do know our storage is down and as the combined cycle gas turbines come on-line, demand wil increase even further. Everybody turn on your home A/C units!

March 11th, 2004, 00:52
I kinda feel like Martha Stewart now.:rotflmao:

:s4addict: -Bimmerhead

March 11th, 2004, 01:23
I kinda feel like Martha Stewart now

I kind feel for Martha Stewart now. I seem to recall a former president up against obstruction of justice charges. Wait, I'm off topic.

All the information I posted is public information. No inside info here, just an insider regurgitating public info.

By the way, I bought my RS6 to keep oil prices propped up. Seems to work.

March 11th, 2004, 04:11
Honda has a natural gas Civic, don't they?

March 11th, 2004, 18:10
Originally posted by CarbonFibre
Honda has a natural gas Civic, don't they?

They might do...I know they were one of the first car manufacturers to put an Environmentally friendly car onto the open market. It was that semi-electric two seater...I've forgotten what it's called now.

Today has been a Shit poor day for the markets, alot of analysists are putting it down to the terrorist bombing in Madrid, Spain.


Don't mind me asking, but what company do you currently have shares (?) in that's drilling stateside? You dion't need to tell me or anything, if you don't wish to. It's just for curiosity more than anything. :0:

March 11th, 2004, 18:17
Martha Stewart...what ashame.

I think the press coverage of the actual case will probally bring an end to her company...:rolleyes:

Interesting path she took though, she went from serving teas and coffees at the stock exchange (?) to becoming part of the board of directors.

March 11th, 2004, 18:28
Klint - Check your PM

March 11th, 2004, 19:02
Originally posted by bilbozilla
Klint - Check your PM

Thanks bilbozilla. You got one too.

By the way, I bought my RS6 to keep oil prices propped up. Seems to work.

hahahahahaha...This sentence makes alot more sense now! :lovl:

March 19th, 2004, 12:05

March 21st, 2004, 13:49
oh dear...



March 22nd, 2004, 01:31
Ahh, oil and gas accounting. When estimating reserves, they are classified as PDP (proved developed producing), PDNP (proved developed, non-producing), PUD (proved undeveloped) and others. It is my understanding they had some reserves classified as PDP, but they were actually PUDs. In short, they had their more expensive product classified as their mass market inventory. READ: mass market inventory flies off the shelf and is predictable, but the premium (no pun intended) is more expensive to produce and sell.

Estimating reservoirs is a dark art. There have been fields that have over-produced their estimated reserves by factors of 10, and fields that have underproduced their estimated reserves by those same factors inverted. I'm not condoning Shell's actions, on the other hand, this looks like a great excuse to roll some heads with their new management.

I still love the industry.

March 22nd, 2004, 17:34

It's a great industry to be part of.

It appears to be the safest haven in the current economy.

Check these links out:


Congrats, bilbozilla. :thumb:

did you recieve the e-mail I sent you sometime last week?

March 31st, 2004, 19:15
OPEC has agreed to cut back on oil production.... :D

Even higher Curde oil/natural gas prices to follow! :thumb:

March 31st, 2004, 20:28

April 1st, 2004, 00:18
Its all a big game. OPEC can set the price saying "the reserves are low"at any rate they want so soon we might have to pay 3 bucks a gallon in the U.S this summer. Looks like im going to be polishin up my schwin to go shopping.

April 1st, 2004, 09:48
Originally posted by audifan
Its all a big game. OPEC can set the price saying "the reserves are low"at any rate they want so soon we might have to pay 3 bucks a gallon in the U.S this summer. Looks like im going to be polishin up my schwin to go shopping.

Another part of that game is the upcoming election in November. ;)

April 1st, 2004, 16:28
Here are some numbers, guys (and girls) -
US Consumption of Oil - 18,000,000 Bbls/day
US Production of Oil - 6,000,000 Bbls/day

We actually import more oil from Russia than we do from the Middle East. Iraq production makes up about 1/12th of our imports.

As far as the high prices at the pump, high oil prices are entitled to part of the blame, but the refineries have to handle so many different types of "product" (read blends for environmental reasons) that the consumer pays for. Environmental regulations are to blame. New vehicles are running cleaner than ever, and it's not because of the fuel we run in them.

If you've got a problem with the high gas prices, complain to your congressman. And read up on the realities of "global warming". You'll be suprised.

I'm all for a clean environment, but enough legislation based on shoddy science that hurts the consumer .

April 2nd, 2004, 01:36
Yeah, plus the faster we buy and use oil, the faster it will deplete. I wouldn't bet on running out in anywhere near my lifetime, but the only event strong enough to force a worldwide switch to some alternative fuel source would be its unavailability, right?

April 2nd, 2004, 02:52
I'm working on the availability issues. The curves you hear about talking about the decline of oil is actually the decline of oil using existing models. If you create a new model (i.e. define a new source) the curve ramps back up again.

I do admit, however, I cringe everytime a see a hybrid vehicle.

April 2nd, 2004, 04:09
What I'm referring to is more the supply of fossil fuels in general. Its not an inexpendable resourch and there will be a day when we have no more or can find no more. Right? Well, I guess that by the time it runs out on our planet, we may be able to strip other planets of their natural resources (if any). Do these fossil fuels really simply come from dead organisms?

April 5th, 2004, 19:41
Well this thread has gone from Martha Stewart to oil speculating.

As far as Martha's concerned...she picked the wrong time to lie to the Justice Dept and the manner in which she did it was not to bright. Whenever the DOJ comes knocking on your door you don't have your lawyers tell them that maybe they should, "go back to law school and learn the law"......that just pisses them off:vgrumpy: . Had this happened in 1999 she would have gotten away with it IMO....no one would have even batted an eye because everyone was rolling in $$$$. The climate is a little different now.

As for oil I thing the energy sector is a good play.....population growing...hence more recources needed. China, I am sure will continue to grow in its use of recources. Just look at all of the auto makers signing deals with China to produce cars, its a huge market.

Also, in the US gas prices have gone up quite a bit. However, if you adjust the cost for infation we should be around $3 a gallon and we are at about $1.80 (at least in the SF bay area). Not that I am saying I want higher gas prices.

On another note the Bush admin is considering a waiver for some sates to allow them not to use a summer formula that limits production and the abiltiy to import from state to state. The whole thing is a mess IMO, I agree with bilbozilla.

Bilbozilla- the addition of natural gas power plants during the California energy crisis must of helped your business. People will always need energy no matter what.

Sorry kind of all over the place on this one:D :D

May 8th, 2004, 03:48
Yet another thirteen year high..... :p

May 8th, 2004, 04:07
Yet another thirteen year high.....

Can you see the tears welling up in my eyes?

May 8th, 2004, 04:54
speaking of welling, any pun intended? :D