View Full Version : Rs6 V. 350z

November 9th, 2003, 23:13
Great mini-race today on the freeway versus a Nissan 350Z. The Z looked stock except for a sport exhaust. (keep in mind that southern california has a multitude of rice burning sleepers....so ya' never know)

I was transitioning from one freeway to another when I saw him speed by on the fast lane. I quickly caught up to him and followed him for about 1/2 a mile. We were doing about 85 mph.

When an opening presented itself he moved around the car in front of us and gunned it. I did too. :bang:

It seemed like he was pulling away as we were in the center lane of the freeway (pretty light traffic for a sunday morning). Then as my RPMs climbed I began to catch up. :addict:

He went left and I went right. The RS6 just kept pulling away until I passed him and kept passing him. :incar: ....it was soooo smooth.

After I realized there was no way he could keep up :race: I let off the gas and looked down to see where we were.....about 135mph at that point. I really backed off after that and he went his way and I went mine. :bye:

As I was exiting the freeway I noticed a burgundy BMW.......It looked like a 735 or something (not a recent model....maybe late 90's) trying to catch up to us :hihi: .....I just looked at him like "Dude....you are late." :D