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December 4th, 2002, 21:05
are there any s6plus drivers on this forum? Itīs quattro gmbhīs lost child...almost forgotten, but still going strong..

I drive one for some years now, and I wonder if Iīm the only one...
Canīt find that much info, opinions, feedback etc..

the s6plus is Quattroīs gmbhīs first child , so treat him with respect.
Hope to get some contacts...


December 4th, 2002, 21:19
Hi David,

I had a S6 saloon before I took delivery of the RS6.. it was a great car.. quick and very comfortable.

Got any questions because I'll try to help

December 5th, 2002, 07:55
Hi Dave
You said that you had a s6 saloon, or do you mention the s6plus saloon???. Because the s6plus was never officially deliverd to the UK.
Met some Englisch audi drivers on the Ring, and they never heard anything of my car...
In fact they thought that is was a kind of a "fake"labelled car!!

You can find some info on this car on:
go to, typen
than go to s6plus..

check it out,
We weīll speak each other again

December 5th, 2002, 09:23

you are correct .. the S6 Plus was never released in the Uk.. only the S6 which I had.
What are the differences?

December 5th, 2002, 10:06

We'll were do I start..
The s6plus is the last of the line a6/c4, and if you allready know, at the end of every productline/time audi came with something special..
audi 80.......final surprise rs2
audi a4.......final surprise rs4
We'll we also had the "old/before this a6"a6/c4.....It came as a s6, one turbo edition, and later a 4.2 v8.
At the and audi decided to de something special, like the rs2. But they didn't want to do it with Porsche again...
They made a car at their own Quattro gmbh..the s6plus was the result. It had a special engine (ahk)4.2 v8...but without turbo's...
Further there were a lot of differences..but for those I can recommend you some links...
than go to typen, than go to s6plus....it's a swiss site, so the german leguage, hope you can understand the most of it...(my car is also somewhere on the list with drivers)
on this site you can find a brochure of my car..Check (i don't kow exactly, Brochuren...) there must be something about the s6plus
Found also something on

Well hope you can find something about this first quattro gmbh..
In my eyes it's a shame that most audidealers/journalists don't know anything about this "mother" of the brilliant "son"rs6
and talk to you later'

ps saw the pictures of your car ...fantastic
I started in 87 with the 200 quattro avant, later I bought the s6plus...
now I'm in dubio, should I go for the rs6, the comming...rs4, or what...

December 5th, 2002, 10:24
Fixed it by merging the threads.

Take care...

December 5th, 2002, 10:41
Scanned the nordic audi forum.

S6 Plus in German/English

I am not 100% if this is the 4.2, but I think so.



December 5th, 2002, 10:49
thanx Krabu...:0:

December 5th, 2002, 16:02

just to let you know that i know of a S6+ owner here in france.
You can contact him through a french audi forum that you can find here : French Forum (http://www.audipassion.com/fr/forums)

nickname : MrBalsen

December 5th, 2002, 20:55
Hi David!

I just bought a S6PLUS i will get it in 1― week!

My car is Lfd.-Nr. 773 from Quattro GmbH :)

I know about 10-12 S6PLUS here in Sweden.

Itīs true what you say about that not even your local Audi dealer know what a S6PLUS is. :confused:

So you have the Silver PLUS Lfd.-Nr. 057 over at Tots.ch?



December 6th, 2002, 09:20
:bye: Hey Joakim,
Join de club. It's nice to meet new s6plus drivers.
They're hard to find. In Holland there are 3 s6plus drivers. And I never met anyone...but I'm trying. Had some contact with A german driver, and he founded that part on the Tots site..

Yesterday I changed my oil, and put a new oil filter on it...Quite a easy job
Last month I passed the 120.000 km...so I changed(together with a technical friend) all the belts, and tensioners..
Well that was a hell off a job...but we made it perfectly..:0:

I'm curious to your car. Is it a german one, or a original swedisch one..

I'm aware of the fact that we're driving quattro's gmbh's first wolf in sheepsclothing, so I want to keep the car as original possible.
I'm only thinking of replacing the front brakes (they're allready perfect...) by those Movits/porsche...
Because Drive a lot on the Ring/Nordschleife
Buts quite expensive. This morning I got the price...euro 2350, and I have to fit them myself..

Nice to read that you come from Sweden. My girlfriend comes from Sweden, so every Winter we go back to their parents. They live near Gotenburg. The rest of the family lives in Stockholm.
So this winter I'm cruising through Sweden.

Well, I hope we can stay in touch via this forum.
And if I can help you out with something, just ask me...



December 6th, 2002, 09:43
@ pp-s3

thanx for your french tip...
but I can't read any french...unfortunately..:Ill:

But if you talk to him, please mention this forum.
It would be nice if the s6plus drivers get in touch with each other..:cheers:

December 6th, 2002, 15:54
Hi David!

Ok here comes some information about my S6 PLUS itīs a German one (Areīnt they all German;) ) I have bougth it from Audi-Zentrum in Ingolstadt. And i it will arrive to Sweden next weekend :360: Itīs Nogaroblue with the blue alcantara interior. It has memory seats, tempomat, headlight cleaningsystem, seatheating in front and backseats, sunroof in steel, sonnenrollo, Bose soudsystem with Cd-changer, Original Telephone in armrest, carbon interior, and everything else they had from the factory.

There where only 4 - 6 (information is a bit unsecure) new S6PLUS sold in Sweden, my friend has one of them. But i know where 3 other "Swedish" S6PLUS are.

They guy Marc Welsch who has the S6PLUS site over at Tots.ch has helped me a lot with information about the PLUS. He is actually planning a Audi meeting on Sylt where he lives next spring, the date will be decided arond newyear. He will inform me about the date.
And right now i am trying get as many S6PLUSes from Sweden as possible to go to that meeting, hopefully there will be at least 3 S6PLUS from Sweden on that meeting. I think you should come to :)

And we are also planing a S6PLUS meeting in Sweden to the summer.

Itīs nice to hear from a foregin PLUS owner because we are not that many.

I live 30 km south of Stockholm.

:bye: /Joakim

December 6th, 2002, 19:42
Wow Joakim
that sounds great, a s6plus with all the extraīs:0:
You probably need those heated seats over there!!.
I also like the blue color. Itīs the only original color, together with Misanorot..
My car is specially made in Silver, the Italian first buyer wanted it that way..( I also, because itīs a classic undercover color, and all the black trims look great.)
My seats are black leather with antracite alcantara in the middle. My Instruments are grey. Instead of the carbon Iīve got wood.
So together it looks quiet classy. I think that a blue car looks more sporty.
I also got the Bose speakers, but the radio is a Becker. Traffic pro=navigation. It fits perfectly, all the same colors and night design..
Later on I will post some fotoīs.
The stupid thing is that I drive on those winter-tires right now.....sure they are grippy and save, but I donīt like the looks..:vsad: But what the hell, I need them for sweden, so you will have the same problems with it..

I always bought the original tires. Pirelli p6000., but they werenīt the best on the track. So I changed to bridgestone potenza s-o3pp. Theyīre perfect......really a big difference. And of course I drive still around with the original wheels.
Added also a k&n filter. Further tuning is maybe a future thing..First I want to know/find out what other s6plus drivers did with their car. Many people( at least I think) changed their chip...(I also got an other one, but I hardly use it)

Itīs a good idea, to plan a meeting..
So we can share our experiences about all the small and big things of the car. And itīs nice to meet new people:cheers:
Marc told me last year also something about a meeting, but I was to Bussy....work work etc:vsad: :vsad2: :cry:
Well this year I want to be there....

speak to you later

December 18th, 2002, 20:28
I saw your pictures...but I canīt find them back...
Where the hell did you put them.:trans:
was it a secret part of the foum or so??

Any way, your car looked really great...no dents...no things at all...
totally original( except the wheels of course)
The interieur looked also perfect. original carpets etc..

The blue color gives the car a real "special" touch. It belongs to this car, and the rs2.

Youīre damm lucky that you could buy an extra set of original wheels. they are hard to find....with other words...impossible

Right now Iīdonīt got any digital shots of my car. But if Iīve got some...Iīll send them to you.

We should meet each other once at the Ring...
Iīve got some nice s6plus/race photoīs here. Iīll try to get them on the computer...

I hope that this site will also recognice the s6plus as a real quattro gmbh:bow:
letīs wait and see


December 18th, 2002, 20:57
Thanks David!

In a couple of days i will also get my Swedish number plates... and then itīs :incar: :cool2:

I also hope that this site will recognice the s6plus as a real quattro gmbh becasue thatīs what it is!!

The S6PLUS was the car that started it all, so without the S6PLUS there maybe and i say maybe, the RS4 and the RS6 wouldīnt exist today ;) ......... or?



December 19th, 2002, 07:31
Originally posted by s6plus
I hope that this site will also recognice the s6plus as a real quattro gmbh:bow:
letīs wait and see

Sure the S6+ is a quattro GmbH.
What would you like us to do more than we do today?
You are very welcome to discuss the S6+ in here but I don't think there is enough people to start a separate forum for it.

December 19th, 2002, 09:57
I get your point Erik.....
there aren't enough s6+ drivers around...

But for us...( as owners) it's quiet frustrating that even official audi people....don't know this car...:cry:

Is there a reason for that.....

I'm happy that we've got this opportunity to contact each other...
At the launch of the s6plus...in my eyes the car didn't get the press attention, becauce the s8 came around at the same time....

But I can tell everybody, the s6plus is far more sporty, stiffer, faster :incar: than the s8

Even on official audi site's we can't find our car....
It's an ultra rare car.

Glad that we can use your forum

December 19th, 2002, 10:00
s6plus, if you can gather enough people I'd be more than happy to set up a sub-section for you.

December 19th, 2002, 10:14
thanx, Erik...

but we have to wait and see how many people will react on this s6+ subject...
time will tell...:deal:
I'm allready glad that I've found Joakim...
we'll share some info...

December 20th, 2002, 19:40
Yes thanx Erik!

Time will tell how many S6Plus owners that will find this forum.
So come on guys spread the word!!

Itīs fun to talk to S6Plus owners from other countries and share your experiences of the car :cheers:

And David, donīt you understand Swedish since your girlfriend is from Sweden?? ;)

I think you should ask her to translate som threads over at http://www.nordicaudi.com/php/forum/postlist.php?d=f&Cat=&Board=A6 Thatīs where we Swedish S6Plus owners hang out!

David if you are in Sweden this winter send me an e-mail maybe we could arrange an S6PLUS meeting somewere around Stockholm! :cool:

:bye: Joakim

December 28th, 2002, 18:00
Check this out: http://www.urs4.com/S6plus/S6plus.html


December 28th, 2002, 18:09
Audi S4 Avant 4.2l V8





December 28th, 2002, 19:11

Ok since we are linking to S6 PLUS pages here are another one http://www.tots.ch/typen/s6plus/s6plusbildertxt.htm

and also this French page http://www.audipassion.com/fr/anciens_modeles/s6_plus/index.htm

:race: Joakim

January 9th, 2003, 15:17

Joakim, I'm back in Holland. Sweden was perfect. Every day quattro weather.....:)
I heard from Marc W. that you he helped you , finding your car......:0:

What about Sylt??

I just ordered new brakes....movit/porsche....
can't wait to test them...
I allready got some data, that I'm at the NurnburgRing...
Maybe something for you...short holiday????
keep your s6plus on the road!!! (damm slippery overthere)

January 9th, 2003, 20:09
Hi David!

Glad to hear that you had a good stay i Sweden :)

Yes now itīs quattro weather all the time :incar:

I think the Audi meeting on Sylt will be fun, itīs not that far away for me around 850 Km, but thats nothing in a PLUS ;)

If everything works we will hopefully be at least 3 S6 PLUS from Sweden on that meeting :cool:

Wow new Movit brakes, discs an calipers? How big discs did you buy?

Whatīs you best time aroud Nürnburgring? ;)

:race: Joakim

January 10th, 2003, 10:07
Hello Joakim

Yes, it would be great to get as many s6plusses on Sylt as possible.:D
I'm still planning. The thing is ...that I'm a week later on official summer holiday....But I will try to manage everything, so I can come at least at the weekend 27/28/29 june...

If I'm going there I'll bring my windsurf stuff with me...
Must be great over there..

Yes I ordered my brakes. It's more a via-via deal. Some people I know are working in the "car" industry...
And they got some parts cheaper, some times used-------that means not new in box, but not used etc...
But anyway...Movit brakes should be much better than the Girling/s6plus brakes( I've never had any problems, but comming year I will drive much more trackdays. The s6plus brakes are one of the best on "standard cars"
Of course...I don't want to have those bright red calippers....
Just black.....with small porsche on it....:confused: ..
And I go for the complete set...everything new.....discs, calippers, acc, pads..etc
(but It will take some time before I put it on my car.......because my wintertires won't fit anymore.....at least i think..:cry: .....so other problem, I've to look for new winterwheels.....
Size of the disc will be about the same of the original disc......only thicker.

Time on the Ring???
that is a stupid thing...
really I never clocked it...few reasons...
I concentrate on a fast lap, but as you know, there's mostly traffic.....faster, and slower...so in my eyes safety first, than your own perfect round.....
You buy lap by lab....so you just wan't to drive, and to learn to drive the perfect lines over there....but the track is long and got many corners.....so before you go full pull ...it takes a time........AND DON'T FORGET, I HAVE TO DRIVE THE CAR HOME AGAIN......so i want absolute no damage.
You don't drive flying labs there....you start.....and everybody clocks on a different position.......and at the end of the lab , you have to come in again...
so where to stop the stopwatch???

But a nice thing on the ring is to hook on, on a gt2 or another exotic car.......and to keep up with them.....(of course there are so many faster drivers overthere, with trackprepared cars etc..)...You should see their faces afterwards....:bigeyes: :confused: :vsad2: :cry: :vvangry: :( :mad:
a shopping car with such a performance??? what the hell is it...
it's always the same on the parking place;)

But I never bring my car at the limit.....or over it..
Wan't to keep him as perfect as possible..

greetings to your swedisch s6plus friends, and I hope that that guy on the picture took off that chrome of his gril...:bow:

January 10th, 2003, 12:49
I just looked on Mobile.de.....
And it looks like that the prices of used s6plusses are rising!!!!:0:


maybe because of the launch of the rs6???
who knows.....

January 11th, 2003, 17:06
Did you guys see this?


With S6 plus FAQ etc.

January 11th, 2003, 19:21
Yes, thanks for that site.
I knew, it allready.., I even know the owner of that blue car...
but thanx for your attention:bunny2:

January 14th, 2003, 21:25
Hi David !

I didnīt expect that you where doing "Flatout" laps on the Ring, and of course i understand that you have to drive the car home so you donīt want to risk anything. ;)

I was just curious, since you are upgrading your brakes and also looking for an extra set of Original rims to use on the track. I thougt that ok this guy is really pushing his PLUS to the Max :MTM:

Thanks for clearing that out for me, i was a little bit worried there for a while :hihi:

I just love my PLUS more and more for each day. I will keep it for a loooong time and take really good care of it.

I am also planing for the Audi-Meeting on Sylt, but right now it looks promising and I am also aiming for the weekend 27-29.

:race: Joakim

January 15th, 2003, 10:56
Hello Joakim...

hahaha, Yes I like to drive to the max:incar: , but on circuits only. But I will take the ulimate care for my car.. I like it very much, so I won't trash it. Of course i give the full pull, but this car can handle so much.....
The engine is made to make high revs... and realy pulls perfect above the 4000rpm. It's to compare with another car.....eh...as quick as an new m5..
owners of the m5 drove my car, and they were really surprised...
instead over oversteer..., more traction and in short corners more understeer...
but we finish around the same time
I think that is a compliment for our car

the only bad thing about those trackdays, is the tire wear..I use 2 complete summersets a year. damm expensive. But don't forget, a trackday and normal incognito car in one. strong point.

Today I switched back to my summertires..
a world of differnce compare to the wintertires....

Nice to read that you like your plus so much. Can understand your feeling, I Will never sell it too!!!. no hair on my head:MTM: Such a special car needs all the care you can give him.
Did you allready notice that almost nobody knows your car??. from neighbour till employee at an audigarage. Funny isn't it?
good thing about this fact is that you don't have to be worried as other fastcar owners. you can park your car with a safer feeling.

I mailed with ts-tuning, and asked them some things about the v-max and the tuning of the motortelektronic. I will give them a vistit in ą 2 weeks.
taking away the v-max restrictor+ optimize the electronic costs 300 euro.(kind of chiptuning). it will ad ą 15 bhp en 40 nm. not much, but It isn't that expensive. And Marc told me that he really could notice the rpm restrictor in sixth gear.
Did you allready put in a k&n sportfilter?...
Think that you guys in Sweden still live in winterweather...

I'm working on some foto's, so maybe next time you will get some pictures. Somehow can't manage them on the computer. wrong file or so...must turn them in jpeg...
Try to be in Sylt as well. yes..that last weekend. don't got the 100% yet!!


January 24th, 2003, 08:52

looks like some of you found the way ti the french Audipassion site !! ;)

sorry for not coming earlier to answer back.... the french forum is very active and thus i do not come here very often ! besides... S6 to RS6 will still be dream cars for me for some time !

actually i know of 2 S6+ owners both members of the "french audi enthusiasts club" (i think that would be the translation...) i will let them know about this topic.... :)

i know one of them went to.... i think it's sweden for a big Audi meeting last year so perhaps you met ?? ;)

besides if you want to see nice nogaro blue pictures, check this out ! track meeting (http://www.audipassion.com/fr/actualites/2003/mas_du_clos_2002/index.htm)

January 24th, 2003, 10:03
:bye: welcome french audi freak....
many thanx for your link. Finally more pictures of that s4 mtm...wow....:MTM: I knew of that car because some of my quattro friends went last year to Folembrey...
That car is a real rs6 killer. or at least a car that will turns the head of a rs6 owner...
In my eyes the styling is a little overdone(front), but for sure this car needs all the air intakevents.

Would be great if you could get more s6plus drivers on this forum...

(by the way, my car is also somewhere on a picture on the forum...look for s6plus pictures)

Mr Balsen
January 24th, 2003, 11:36

I am the owner of the S6 Plus displayed on www.urs4.com as well as the General Secretary of the French Audi Club (www.audipasion.com). We have 6 S6 Plus in the Club:

4 Avant Nogaro blue
1 Red misano Sedan
1 Dark green Sedan

I am really happy to meet some owners of this rare car (only 980 made).

I have changed the suspension of my car since I do race track event with the S6 Plus. I am planning to do the Movit Upgrade anytime soon.

As anybody listed the possible engine upgrade that can be made on our S6 Plus ?

Mr Balsen

Mr Balsen
January 24th, 2003, 11:41
Actually, the French Audi Club is organizing his annual event in May (24 and 25th) at the Folembray Race Track. We had 300 Audis and 800 people last year for the 2002 edition.

The location is one hour north of Paris and it is a 2 days event with track sessions, BBQ and a lot of discussion around our cars. Basically we eat, breathe, talk, dream Audi for the whole week end.

Mr Balsen

January 24th, 2003, 12:03
Wecome mr.Balsen:)

I know your car allready for some years now( from various site's wrldwide), but finally I've got the chance to speak to you....

You got yourself a damm fine car.:MTM: :MTM:

Nice to read that you do some trackdriving with your car....
That's what I do to...But with the original suspension, because my favorite track is the Nordschleife, and a to stiff suspension overthere is in my eyes a little to much.
But for fast cornering it will be a lot better.

I ordered new brakes. Thats a long story, and if you want I'm willing to tell it to you. A relative of me...knows the people at movit in Germany......
And they are working it out at the moment. I just send them pictures of my original Girling brakes......:asian:

Next week my motorelectronic will be upgraded. I know a specialist who does it right at a fair price. He will also take away the v-max restrictor....
Will ad 40 extra nm, and ą15 bhp. especcialy in low and mid range rpm's
Of course I did some basic things, like a k.n filter etc....

But a big engine tuning is almost impossible or you must spend a lot of money:( :( like extra turbo chargers etc.....
far out of my budget

anyway, nice to catch you here on this forum,
for sure one day we will meet each other somewhere on a track
(ps I drive a silver s6plus, picture is on this forum too. check s6plus pictures)

Mr Balsen
January 24th, 2003, 14:59

Thanks very much for the comments. Please let me know about your brakes. It is by far the weakness of the car on track !!!!

Regarding upgrade, I am waiting some informations from a french guy who has a 360 HP (dyno measured) S6 Plus. I heard Sportec can also tune the chip for your car.

I hope to have as many S6 Plus as possible on the 24th/25th of May. It is 400 km from Netherland.

Mr Balsen

January 24th, 2003, 15:44
I allready noted those 2 days in my agenda. Hope I can make It.
Did you here from the comming meeting in Sylt/germany??

I also had contact with Digi tec. They can chip your s6plus too. Check their site. But I searched for all german chip tuners , and I finally found one with a good , reliable story + what also is important in my eyes, he did allready tune some s6plusses from some swiss and german owners. ( I got this adress from a s6plus owner who was really satisfied.....)
but don't expect a tune result as big as a turbo engine....:roll: unfortunately...
I think that around 360 bhp is the max you could get out of your engine ...without robbing a bank:D
chip, exhaust, filter+ all those little things...

This year I finally switched from original tire(pirelli) to the new bridgestone potenza s03pp. Quiet a big difference on a track. They are real stickky

Think that the brake upgrade is the best tuning fot this car. Although i think that the s6plus got original a very good brake system.:bunny2:
But as with every production car......they were never made for the track.

Have you ever been on the nurnburg ring?? because i see there a lot of french cars. It isn't tahat far from france...

If I got some news about the movit's, I will post it here. I go for black callipers, to keep the cars original look. Thougt that I once saw your car with red callipers...Fits nice with the blue car. But it's to flashy for my silver one...


Mr Balsen
January 24th, 2003, 16:14
360 HP will be good for me.Let me know about this german tuner. I prefer to work first on the exhaust before the Chip.

I agree, the S03 are the best tires at the moment. I have the same on my car. amazing difference compair to Michelin Sport Pilot

What are the details of this meeting in Sylt/germany ?

Mr Balsen

PS: Since the engine is the same a the S8, does anybody know why it is only 326HP where the S8 has 340 HP ?

January 24th, 2003, 17:02
for some specific info about the engine you can read some info on www.tots.ch.( Can't feel the power differnces between s8 and s6plus. If I should say the thing:....the s6plus feels stronger, and if you compare the cars the s6plus is quicker...)
than go to typen, than to s6plus. I know some things about the engine, but I don't know all the englisch names for the articles.
But their are small differences. valves that you have to change by hand. s6plus engine is made to be stronger/tougher...because it can make/must make a lot of revs/rpm's...
it still pulls like a bear after 5000rpm till ą6900. At home I've got all the original factory books+ computer programms. I do all the work on my car myself, together with a good friend who got a laptop with vag/audi garage reading programms. I just changed all the belts. big job, but as you know most audigarage's don't know this car.:: :deal:
I just want to be sure everything is ok...

I will mail you some info about the meeting on sylt/germany.

It will be/around Marc W. hotel...also a s6plus driver. He made that s6plus part on www.tots.ch. Could be a really nice meeting. with s models, rsmodels, v8 and go so on...

He changed his exhaust. He added b-n pipes under his car. I will only change my exhaust if the original breaks .


Mr Balsen
January 24th, 2003, 17:40
What is b-n pipes under his car ?

Mr Balsen

January 24th, 2003, 18:03
oh, thats a exhaust brand. they got a bigger diameter than the original.
ps. I send you a mail. check it.
I donīt know everything from those exhausts, but s6splus drivers in sweden and germany got them. They can give all the info.
Maybe Joakim, also a member on this forum can tell you more. Or you must send Marc a mail...

Mr Balsen
January 24th, 2003, 18:06
60 mm instead of the original 50 or 55mm ? or larger diameter

Does it include a new exhaust manifolds ?

Mr Balsen

January 24th, 2003, 18:50
Hi Guys!

And a special hallo to Mr. Balsen welcome to the forum :)

If we get enough S6Plus owners on this forum maybe we could get our own section ;)

The BN-Pipes (http://www.bn-pipes.de/dateien/audi/e-s4s6pl.htm) are cat-back system, so no manifolds but they have replacment pipes (http://www.bn-pipes.de/fzg-bild/audi/s4s6-kat.htm) if you want to remove the cat:s. Marc (http://www.tots.ch/typen/s6plus/s6plusbildertxt.htm) was very pleased with the sound from the system :race:

The S8 AKH engine is not the same engine as the S6 PLUS AHK. There are som bits and pices that are different. Have have made som comparing in E**A :deal:

Mr. Blasen tell the other S6 PLUS owners over at Audipassion.com about this forum to!

:bye: Joakim

Mr Balsen
January 24th, 2003, 19:41

It is good to see one of my photo as your logo !!!!!

That exhaust system sounds very interesting. How much does it cost ? what is the gain in term of HP ?

I believe Marc had a his engine tuned at Sportec. Is it correct ?

If we don't have our section here, I can create one at audipassion.com since I am one of the two administrators of the site.

January 24th, 2003, 20:06
Hehe!! Thanks Mr. Balsen!

The BN system cost around 890 EUR + German taxes i think itīs 16% so around 1030 EUR.

I donīt know how much extra hp. you will get but my guess would be 10-15 Hp maybe.

Marc got his chip from TS-Tuning (http://www.ts-tuning.net/) and like i said before Marc was very pleased with it. The guy do the chiptuning as a hobby, he works for Volkswagen developing software for ABS-systems and som other softwares that i donīt remember right now. So i think he know what he is doing. ;)

About a section on the S6 PLUS forum, well isīnt the forum in French? I only know a couple of bad words in French so i donīt think that you guys over there would understand much :hihi:

Did you get the information about the Audimeeting on Sylt from David?

:race: Joakim

January 24th, 2003, 22:07
Hello Jaokim. I didnīt send the info to mr Balsen yet. I send him a personal mail. and if he gives an answer i got his email adress in my computer, so then I can send over my invitation+ info from Marc...It would be nice if we would meet each other....

Comming wednesday iīm going to thomas from ts-tuning. After that I will give you a report...:deal:

In my eyes this is a perfect site to continue our s6plus talking. If you read this whole subject , You will read somewhere that if we want we could get our own section. And of course itīs in in Englisch, so most people can understand it

A nice fact is that this subject is the best viewed!!! :cheers: hahaha.

@mr Balsen, did you like our photoīs? ever seen a s6plus with wintertires??(like joakimīs...) Heard on the news 2 weeks ago that it was quiet snowy in Paris....


January 28th, 2003, 09:13
mr balsen...
can you tell me how much air you got in your tires...( i,m really wondering)
...also see question on subject----oil, which you started;)

January 31st, 2003, 11:13
Good morning alltogether :bye:

Excuse for my bad english, Iīm not in use to write english so often (byside to Joakim :D ). :rolleyes:

I just heard about my name in this thread, thatīs really a reason to start here an account... :D Iīm really surprised, reading this forum. Maybe we have a chance to make the PLUS more popular, if we translate my information about the PLUS into english. Byside that, I think that I have collected a lot of interesting information about the RS6, too.
If the webmaster of www.rs6.com has any interest in this information and somebody can help me to translate it into english, than it could be possible to take them permanent on this homepage, like on tots homepage... But the first step is, taht the webmaster of rs6.com wants to do that.

I donīt know, where I should start about my person...

-yes, Iīm a PLUS-owner, too
-yes, the information at www.tots.ch are mine
-yes, in my hotel is planed a international Audi-meeting from 22. June to 29. June
-yes, I have a www.BN-Pipes.de exhaust
-yes, I have a changed software by www.TS-tuning.net

-no, my car was never untill know at sportec
-no, only Vmax is done by TS, nomore HP...

Itīs really nice and funny, to meet a big part of the PLUS-owners-list here! :cheers:

January 31st, 2003, 11:53
Hello Marc...
Welcome on this site...This is a place were you can't be missed. As I read all your stories on www.tots.ch, and that give a lot of info to all us s6plus drivers.
Of course we had also e-mail contact..
Maybe this is the site where all the s6plus drivers can come together. Allthough I also like the Tots site. I know many people who can't understand the german language....
The webmaster of this site offered us once a place for s6plus drivers...maybe this is a good idea..
Maybe we should contact him about it again.

Marc, we posted also some other s6plus articles...
look for: s6plus pictures..... , and another one is: which transmission oil for my s6plus??...
check those items.
I'm just back from Thomas S, and the story about that trip you can find under...the transmission oil item...

Still planning with my employees here to come to your Hotel in the summer...you will here it for sure...I really want to come

all the greetings

February 11th, 2003, 20:10
Here's another link to the S6 Plus broshure:


February 11th, 2003, 20:17
Maybe more S6 Plus drivers can be contacted here?
There are four on this list.


February 12th, 2003, 07:28
They are all on my list, too :roll: ;)

February 12th, 2003, 09:22
Marc, on that list, I read that your car was dark green.....thought it was black!!,
wat color is it??:blush:

February 12th, 2003, 09:25
a wrong information on that page. I donīt know why it should be dark green...

Itīs LZ9U -> black...

April 7th, 2003, 16:46
I just wrote this whole tread again...

with a smile on my face...:D

November 11th, 2003, 15:50
I just love this car!
I bought one for my wife (avant) as a complement to the "big brother" we already had. You can see on the pic, it has the identical color set as the S6 Plus... that is black & blue all the way

November 13th, 2003, 09:43
yes!!!! that's a nice set you have in front of your house!!!

thats a new smal plus site...::

November 13th, 2003, 16:18
I have a 02 S6 and love it!!
I guess the S6+ is the father of my car? I am having some problems understanding all the info posted here.

November 13th, 2003, 16:48
no, the s6plus is the father of the todays rs6. in fact it was quattro gmbh's first car!!
I know there are more swedisch s6plus drivers around overthere. once in a while they even got their meetings...
This winter I will be in Sweden too.

Once I've tested a 2002 s6. It's a very nice ,luxery, comfortable car.
but...You've to watch out...if you're wife is driving the PLUS, she will be faster than you.

Check also;www.rs246.com
there is also a s6plus part. would be nice to see you there. It's allready hard to find some plus drivers.


November 13th, 2003, 17:14
What such a mysterious Audi.

I would have never known about it if it wasn't for your full out Audi S6+ enthusiasts and owners! You gents have yourselves some really rare cars.


November 13th, 2003, 18:34
thanx Klint. Here in the mainland of europe, even some official audi/vag garages don't even know the car...
Many people asked me allready in which car aftermaket shop I bought thoss s6+ signs......

is it true that tere are no speedlimits on your island.: :eek: :confused:

it would be plus country..

November 13th, 2003, 18:41
Originally posted by s6plus
thanx Klint. Here in the mainland of europe, even some official audi/vag garages don't even know the car...
Many people asked me allready in which car aftermaket shop I bought thoss s6+ signs......

is it true that tere are no speedlimits on your island.: :eek: :confused:

it would be plus country..

hahaha...I would've probally done the same about the badges!

It's a pleasure!

And yes it's true. There are no speed limits here...the only ones I can think of are the ones that are in Residential, Commercial and well built up areas. :)


November 13th, 2003, 19:10
sounds like dreamcountry to me:D
allthough I live close to the german autobahn......I still prefer small country roads.

You'r next game in the mainland/UK will be: try to spot a s6plus.(they will be harder to find there, than mclaren f1's)

November 13th, 2003, 22:30
I am confused.
My 02 S6 is 340HP and 310lbs the S6+ is 326HP and I do not understand the torque figures. My S6 is Auto and the S6+ is a stick. The S6 I have here (USA) was made from 02-03 and the S6+ was made only in 97. Does the S6+ have special brakes/suspension or wheels?
I am just wondering what makes it faster then my beast (I know the stick helps.) Please fill me in.
You guys in europe get all the nice toys!!!!!!!!

November 14th, 2003, 07:38
The biggest reason is the stick and the transmission. The transmission of the gear box is much shorter, than at a normal stick. The PLUS has high rpmīs, on the other side itīs really fast.

The diffrence between stick and Tiptronik at Audi is very high. For example have a look at a 2000er S6 with stick (in Germany available) itīs about 1.5s faster 0-100km/h than the Tiptronik-version!!!

November 14th, 2003, 11:13
Like I said, you guys get all the great cars over there.
Thank you to all who have posted about the S6+....what a wonderful car!!!!
Always great to learn more about Audi!!!

November 14th, 2003, 11:21
I think, Iīll find this winter time, to translate www.S6PLUS.de into english. www.S6PLUS.com is allready fixed...

November 14th, 2003, 11:25
:D hahahhaha, indeed, that's a nice winterjob:hihi:
are you really gonna do that??

November 14th, 2003, 11:53
I think so... But itīs a hard work for me, because their are alot of special words I donīt know. :rolleyes:

But at first Iīll go on hollyday, than itīs christmas-time, after that I have to renovate three doublerooms and than I hope, enough time is left to do the translation... :trash: