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September 17th, 2003, 20:00
found this article on why street racing only proves who got the quickest reaction time...mostly...

street racing article (http://www.geocities.com/row4navy/streetracing.html)

...what do you guys think?

September 17th, 2003, 20:53
A very interesting read and not to sound mean but EXACTLY the reason i don't do 1/4 mile street races. I have never been the fan of drag races (although i would be a fool not to admit i'm impressed by their sheer POWER!). A race that lasts only 5-10 seconds on a straight a way is not as exciting as watching a race that is on a full blown road course IMHO.

That is also why i have never taken any of my cars to drag strips to race. It IS all about the reaction time and doesn't really prove what car is quicker (just what driver got luckier!). I enjoy having 2 cars duke it out on an open back road with no traffic to give the other guy an excuse. It's been mentioned here that some owners of chipped S4s are not that impressed by the launch of the RS 6. But take their S4 on a back road with MY BEAST and :bow: . They will truely see which is the better car. :cheers:
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September 17th, 2003, 21:10

I didn't read the article.

But Keep racing to the track. :0:


September 18th, 2003, 17:14
I agree with Klint, but one might wonder if this guy has lost quite a few races and this is only his very advanced excuse..? :hihi:

September 18th, 2003, 17:57
you would think there would be more (or any) venues where you could pay to get on a track with the christmas tree going.

there would be no doubt as to your quarter mile time and speed.

i believe they were doing it for a while in Pomona, California (site of the Winter Nationals) but haven't heard anything about it recently.