View Full Version : Manx International Rally.

July 24th, 2003, 17:23
Oh yes...Next weekend, the Island becomes a rally crazed place.

Where Rally cars from all over the world race up and down farm tracks all day. Including one or two night stages! Ashame the likes of the world rally guys and girls don't race here though. :)

I'm looking forward to it...I'm just wondering if I should become a Marshal or not? Or should I concentrate on taking photos?..Should be great though! and usually it is...Especially the Ramsey, night stage. :eek: Where they race only metres away from the harbour and in between small gaps, of houses from the fishing era.

I'll get some photo's taken while the event is on and hopefully my motorbike will be fixed, giving me transport, so I can get pictures from different locations. :)

Here's (http://www.mir.co.im/) the link for more information.