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July 5th, 2003, 15:36
I was in doubt if I should post this review under Off-topic, but then I thought that Metallica is surely a lifestyle for me, so here we go. (Feel free to move this thread if you want to.)

"A quarter past five p.m. I decided it was time to get in line for a front row place when my idols Metallica finally would play at the Roskilde festival -03. This would be my first time seeing them live and my expectations were up in the sky.

I and about two houndred other fans were burning under the sun in a 30 degree celsius heat, waiting to gain access to the front stage area where only a limited number of persons would be let in because of security reasons. Finally after two hours outside the gate the guards stepped aside. I found my place at the fence in the back of the front stage area, a great place to stand I found out later.

Another three hours later it was time. It was getting dark and we had been standing for five hours, so they better get their ases out there and rock the shit out of us. And so they did.

The comfortable intro with "Ecstacy of Gold" got us all into the mood and then they faded into the acoustic intro of "Battery". I haven't banged my head like that since...never. Just a second after finishing "Battery" they let loose the riffs of "Master of Puppets". To finally see this masterpiece live was something I'll never forget.

After the incredible start I was in doubt if this could get better. As you might expect, my doubt was not justified. They lined up all the songs we've heard hundreds of times before but they were like new songs when you hear them live. The energy that James, Lars, Kirk and the newest member Robert Trujillo past on to us was raging! Lars was going absolutely mad behind his drums, obviously beeing in a great mood because he's been seeing forward to play for his native country. He said something in danish (I understood 20% of it) and everybody screamed so loud! He even had to ask the audience to back of so noone would get injured. I guess the 60'000 were pretty excited over Metallicas visit.

We could litteraly see (yes, that's how close I was standing) the smiles on James' and Kirk's faces. They made use of the whole width of the stage and ran around as maniacs giving us a show not to forget. And I won't forget Robert. Jesus how could I? His crawl-fish style on stage is hard to re-enact. Step 1: get down and sit on your heels. Step 2: start walking around and don't forget to play those bass lines. Hard? At least I think so but he seems to have no problems what so ever. I loved ex basist Jason Newsted too (though I have only seen him on tenths of live-shows on video, never in real life), but Robert is a lot more fun to look at. He's crazy, just as they all were this night.

They played songs from all albums except Load and Reload. I missed them but they wouldn't have fitted in with the rest of the songs so I understand why they were left out. Frantic and St. Anger from the new album are two great live songs. They were played a bit faster live (as most of the songs except Nothing Else Matters) and it suited them well. I cannot understand the one's who say that the new album sucks. Those people haven't heard it enough times. It grows onto you, I promise.

Finishing of the show with One and Enter Sandman(and a lot of fireworks) as extras they sent us into the night starting of the party. This was one of my best nights ever. I hadn't been that excited for a really long time and it felt great. Thank you Metallica.
I almost forgot: MAN HOW LOUD THEY PLAYED! I heard most of the songs ringing in my head the rest of the night!"

I have to finish this review with some smileys that seem appropriate.
:bigeyes: :bow: :king:

Master Of Puppets
Harvester Of Sorrow
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Sad But True
St. Anger
No Remorse
Seek and Destory

Ride The Lightning
Nothing Else Matters
Creeping Death

Enter Sandman

July 6th, 2003, 23:07
Metallice is great..
but they are far away from Rage against the machine :)
i think it was '94 in the netherlands (i wasnt there but..) on the pinkpop festival they played killing in the name of.. (i think) and they got on the richter scale with 1.1..
So there was a earth quake becouse of a concert..
now that's how it's supposed to be :P

Too bad they split up..
Audioslave is a 1 time listten kinda thing now the wait is for Zack to come with something great.
oh wait..

This topic was about metallice right? :P