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June 12th, 2003, 19:36
Making a list of things to check over before going on a track day?

Maybe use it as a sticky so it's easily found?

Many things can be taken into consideration...I'll check through some of My EVO mags for the basics etc for going on track days. :)

Of course your also welcome to add your knowledge or experience to compile the 'list'.

What do you think Eric...Opinions please?

June 12th, 2003, 21:52
Sure! I'll make it a sticky and then people can add a detail or two.

June 14th, 2003, 15:58

A write up will be posted sometime this next week. (It's long)

I'll split it up into different sections, Such as: Insurance, Tyres, Sound restrictions etc

June 17th, 2003, 15:27
Track Days

Can I get Insurance?

Yes. Your existing insurance company may even cover you on your current policy, although this is increasingly becoming less common. They may extend the cover for the day for an additional fee and they will probably increase the excess. If they wonít cover you at all- or you would rather not risk your no claims bonus (NBC)- there are a number of companies who specialise in track day cover.

How much will it cost?

There are a large number of different variables, but the biggest factor here are the car your driving and the type of cover you require. The cheapest cover is provided by your road insurance. If you go down the specialist route, you donít have to insure the full value of the car. However you should be realistic and we advise that you take out enough cover to provide for most bumps and scrapes, round about half the value of the car would be suitable.

Standard road cars on road tyres are the cheapest to insure as a percentage of their total value, but an expensive road car is still going to command a chunky sum from a specialist insurance broker. Ex-race cars or modified track day cars are seen as a higher risk by these brokers, but on the plus side they are cheaper to repair than road cars and generally their value is less, so they can be more cost affective.

Finally the track day organiser also has a bearing on insurance cost; there can be 5% weighting on your premium if you go on circuit with a company with a poor track record.

What happens if someone else drives into me and theyíre not insured?

Nothing. You are responsible for your car, which is another reason to ensure youíre covered for this eventuality. With strict track driving rules, however, this is a rare occurrence.

How will Track day work affect my carís warranty?

Most will honour any mechanical failure as these components have not been Ďabusedí. The definition of abuse is, it seems, open to interpretation. Check the warranty small print and contact them if you need further clarification.

Can I take my standard car on the track?

Absolutely. There are no minimum requirements.

What are the more affordable group of track day Cars?

Hot hatches are affective, small roadsters are entertaining, Caterhams are quick, Coupes are compelling and big saloons are amusing. The bottom line is that, whatever you drive, itís going to be fun. Among those to consider are the early Golfs, Mark 1 MR2s, 944/968 Porsches, E30 M3 s, MX-5s, Nissan 200SXs, Clios and VWs.

June 17th, 2003, 16:07
Excellent. I'm 'out-of-office' for a few days but if you have anything to add please do so!

June 17th, 2003, 16:08
How much will the running costs be for a Hot Hatch on an average Track Day

Not as much as you might think- if you drive with a degree of mechanical sympathy. Hammering round lap after lap, stamping on the pedals, will destroy brakes and tyres very quickly. However, if you drive smoothly they can last well. Donít brake at the last possible distance, be progressive, especially if braking from high speed to a slow corner. If you start to feel some brake fade or the tyres getting hot, back off and give them time to cool down. Always do a cooling-down lap anyway, donít stay out for more than ten laps as a time and donít apply the handbrake once parked. Reckon on a couple of tankfuls of fuel.

What basic preparations should I make?

Your car needs to be in top order- it will be driven harder for longer than it has ever been before. Ensure the wheelnuts are correctly torqued and that there is plenty of meat left on the brake pads. Check that the fluid levels are up to their marks. Your oil level should be at the top mark without being over filled, and you should check it regularly through the day. Tyres should be pumped up to the manufacturerís recommended pressures.

Is it a good idea to bring a second set of wheels and tyres for these track days?

Itís not needed, especially to start with. But you may see some experienced track day drivers bringing a second set with them to allow them to use sticky, special compound rubber.

Should I upgrade the brakes?

This is a good idea, particularly the pads. This is quite cost effective and you will gain an increase in stopping power as well as greater resistance to fade.

How do I turn my car into a track day weapon?

After the brakes and tyres, take a look at suspension. This is not recommended for beginners, but experienced drivers looking to move the game on will gain from adjustable platforms. Again the specifics depends on the car of choice but, in general terms, lowering and stiffening the springs, up rating the dampers and fitting a firmer anti-roll bars will improve cornering capabilities. However it will have an adverse effect on the ride quality on the road.

Donít upgrade the engine until you have looked at every other aspect of the car first-itís the least cost modification, so ignore the temptation to spend your money here.

Is it worth stripping the car out of luxuries?

Itís always worth leaving the spare wheel in the pit garage, but unless you are turning your car into a track day special, leave the trim alone.

How do I make my car safe?
Safety items are always recommended, although a rollcage is an extreme modification and not necessary. An extinguisher is a good idea, and before getting a cage we would suggest a good race seat with a race harness. This can also help you feel more íconnectedí with the car.

Do I need a helmet and a race suit?

No necessarily. At some events you can borrow a helmet or hire one. Helmets tend to be the minimum requirements at track day events, So if you going to be a regular it would be a wise investment. A race suit is not needed but comfortable clothing will be advised.

What should I take with me?

Tools, Driving Licence, Tyre Pump, Glass cleaner, Sticky Tape and a Jerry can full of fuel.

What can I expect when I get to the track?

The day begins with the signing of an indemnity form and the allocations of wristbands. No-one is allowed out on the track without one. Then there will be riefing where the rules will be explained along with meanings of the flags and safety procedures.

Any circuit familiarisation will then take place before the circuit opens and track time begins. Overtaking rules are strictly enforced and dangerous driving will see you sent home. The track is usually open from 9am-5pm with a break for lunch in between 1pm-2pm.

June 19th, 2003, 15:36
Did you really write that? :confused:

June 19th, 2003, 19:13
Originally posted by johann
Did you really write that? :confused:

I'm not the base author if that's what you mean? as I did source the majority of the information from Magazines and such to produce the post/thread. But I did type it out.

Why do you ask?:confused:


June 19th, 2003, 19:34
Originally posted by Klint
Why do you ask? :confused:

Because Johann is investigating hobby journalist. :D

And that's not meant as a bad way. :cheers:

June 19th, 2003, 22:23
Much more detailled preperation documents can be found on the TurnFast website (http://www.turnfast.com/tech_intro/intro_trkside.lasso).

June 19th, 2003, 22:50
Originally posted by WRX SE
Much more detailled preperation documents can be found on the TurnFast website (http://www.turnfast.com/tech_intro/intro_trkside.lasso).

Excellent website there! :cheers:

Filled to the brim of valuable information for the track day hooligans. I'm going to add tha tlink to my favourites.

Thanks for that!


July 6th, 2003, 17:27
Originally posted by WRX SE
Much more detailled preperation documents can be found on the TurnFast website (http://www.turnfast.com/tech_intro/intro_trkside.lasso).

I am in complete agreement with Klint. That site is an excellent collection of information. Thanks! :0: