View Full Version : Help needed: Uniforms for my waitresses

June 8th, 2003, 00:56
I will purchase a new collection of clothes for my waiters and waitresses during the summer and has a couple of toughts i need external input on. :)

Since I don't like waitresses in skirt I'm planing to let all the waiters / waitresses to have dark grey pants and a white apron which make it unisex. Along with this they will be wearing a black vest and a blue tie (since some of ther interior walls are blue in the restaurant & I don't like bow ties on restaurant personnel). Now the problem is - I can't determine whether the waitresses should have cuff links on their white shirts or not. What do you guys think?
I think they should'nt - but since I'm a fan of classical style (I simply love cuff links and I don't think I have one shirt without it) I get confused. :confused:
Please help me get to a conclusion in this issue of mine. :)