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June 3rd, 2003, 05:33
I am going to Amsterdam soon, and I was wondering if anyone here is from there. I just wanted to know of some places to go, and if there are any must-see things?

June 3rd, 2003, 14:11
Just how much or little red light would you like to see?

I've had some fun in Amsterdamned :D

June 3rd, 2003, 14:47
I dunno if I will wanna spend much time in the red light district. I would love to just hang out in the coffee shops :trash:

June 3rd, 2003, 14:48
Only thing I know about Amsterdam is that they sell *stuff* instead of coffee on Starbucks. :D
But I can look up if I can find you any good tips of what to do...

June 3rd, 2003, 15:23
On this web-site you might find something interesting...
You start to wounder where you're going when the cityguide has topics such as: gay, red light and smoke... :hihi:

June 3rd, 2003, 18:50
Originally posted by boondocksts
I just wanted to know of some places to go, and if there are any must-see things?


I've been to Casa Rosso and it was an...ehh...interesting place.
I'd definetly go there again but not with my girlfriend.
Something like: :cheers: + :bigeyes:

Check your pm box for more :D

June 4th, 2003, 00:35
I happend to stumble over this web-site...
That is wierd, who takes the time to take hundreds of photos simply for the reason to compair NY to Amsterdam? Some people have waaay to much spare time. :D

June 7th, 2003, 02:14
So, what does'nt you do for your friends on RS6.com?
I asked a Amsterdam-traveler about what to do and not do. :)
Here's his tips (he left them to me in swedish so I will only list them):
- Visit the nightclub called La which opens in 6 am and closes at noon. In the harbour there's a yellow house (only description he gave) who also opens at 6 am where you will find really nice partys.
- Pay a visit to the Vondelpark
- And ofcourse visit the Van Gogh museum and the Heineken museum (which I did'nt know they had).

And some basic "how to behave and do" rules:
- Do NOT ask for stronger shit on the coffee-shops (I wounder how he has come to that conclusion).
- The best way to travel is by bike (there's rental bikes available) - but remember to ALLWAYS look it down.
- Watch out for trams
- Watch your back if you visit the red light district.
- The city has a high rate of person robberys - watch out.

Why do I get the feeling that Amsterdam isn't the best city to visit in Europe? :rolleyes:


June 16th, 2003, 18:51
Don't forget to give a look at the Amsterdam Arena. It is a big football-stadion from Ajax with a roof wich can opened and closed!
It is the first football-stadion wich have this possibility

Most day's there are excursions in this stadion wo give a look at the impressive list of prices wich ajax won, you can watch a special video about Johan Cruiff, and of course they give you a look in the stadion and the beautifully rooms there are.

Hope you enjoin Amsterdam !!!!

Simon (Netherlands, 60 km from Amsterdam)

June 16th, 2003, 22:54
I agree with krabu. Come to Stockholm instead. Here we don't rob people, we just run them down with our cars on a "only walking" street.
2 people killed and about 20 injured. :eye: His explanation, someone controlled the car with a remote control...
If you come to Sweden, watch your back when walking on our streets! :bang: