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April 23rd, 2003, 18:03
The new mountain bike collection from quattro GmbH
high-tech bikes, design courtesy of Audi

Active people set their sights high. It is therefore only logical that quattro GmbH should likewise provide exclusive forms of mobility on two wheels: with the second generation of the successful Audi bikes, quattro GmbH has come up with something special for those who are experienced in heading off the beaten track and leisure cyclists.

These bikes reflect the same expertise that is behind the cars produced by AUDI AG: sportiness, original design, innovative technology and top quality standards for materials and manufacturing.

The stars in the premium Audi bike range for 2003 are the Audi Cross Pro and Audi Cross mountain bikes. These take over from their predecessors of the same name and feature innovations in the areas of frame construction, gear and brake components that have been developed over the past two years.

Audi Design was responsible for designing these bikes. quattro GmbH worked together with the Audi Aluminium Centre in Neckarsulm on their development and realisation.

The frame and seat tower, for example, are innovative, unique in-house developments. The partner company Centurion Renner KG is responsible for producing the bikes and for providing competent service.

Both Audi bikes have suspension and dampers at both the front and rear wheel. This assures outstanding ride comfort. Whereas hydraulic elements take care of the damping, the suspension is either pneumatic or uses steel springs. The system improves adjustability and reduces weight by around 300 grams.

The hydraulic front and rear damping is also adjustable. The damping response of the rear damper can be adjusted at a separate valve, from sensitive to sporty/stiff, and thus adapted to individual needs. The Manitou Black suspension forks used on the Cross Pro and Cross bikes have precise compression and rebound adjustment which can be used to adapt suspension behaviour quickly and easily to suit every terrain. The adjustable travel of 80 and 100 mm respectively underlines the considerable variability of Manitou forks.

The Audi Cross and Cross Pro mountain bikes have hydraulic Magura disc brakes with perforated discs. These provide excellent braking power from only slight operating pressure, and ensure outstanding braking performance in wet conditions. The drive and shifting components for both wheels are from the XT and Deore top series of the Japanese market leader Shimano.

All three mountain bikes are lightweight: the Audi Cross weighs just 12.5 kg.
The Audi Cross Pro, which weighs just 11.9 kilograms, can be fitted as an option with Mavic Crossmax SL Disc wheels. These wheels have 24 lightweight aluminium aero spokes and CNC-machined rims and hubs for further weight optimisation. They help to reduce the total weight of the Audi Cross Pro by 0.4 kg to 11.5 kg.

The Audi bikes are available in three frame heights: 46, 50 and 54 centimetres.

The bikes are strictly limited: only 200 Audi Cross and 200 Audi Cross Pro bikes are being produced. The top model Cross Pro with Mavic Crossmax SL Disc wheelset is a limited edition of 100 bikes.

The new Audi mountain bikes can be purchased at Audi dealers or at the Audi merchandise shop at www.audi.de/shop.

Prices: RRP

Audi Cross 2,390
Audi Cross Pro 2,990
Audi Cross Pro 3,490
with Mavic Crossmax SL Disc wheelset

April 23rd, 2003, 23:25
Very nice, it is interesting to find that now all the respective manufacturers such as MB, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche have a mountain bike available.